Medicine and Healing

The perceived need for medicine and healing is a denial of what’s true, as the “patient” is nothing but an accumulation of thoughts about illness and victimhood.

Freedom from this illusion happens ONLY when the “patient” is recognized for what it is. Healing and anesthetizing this false self only serves to delay the inevitable.

Personal Identification

You don’t have anything. Even desires, opinions, tendencies and preferences are appearing in front of you.

They aren’t personal because there is no person. There’s just a collection of thoughts about a personal self that does not exist beyond such thoughts.

It’s your obedience to thoughts like ‘I have this preference’ or ‘I don’t have that tendency’ that keeps you identified as a personality that can suffer while the totality that you are remains unrealized.

Give it all up, and the apparent power of this world can have no sway over you.