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Inspirational Movements

You know when you're moving from inspiration and not fear for the future when you have no opinion about what anyone else is doing or not doing, or about how anyone responds to your movement.

Clear Communication

What makes communication difficult is the need to achieve an outcome or have expectations met. Clear communication is the effortless expression of understanding that there is no real purpose for communicating aside from sharing Love.

To-Do List

There's nothing to do.

Everything is already being done through you, and all of your life lessons are coming. Just rest where you are so that everything can be experienced with ease and grace.

The Only Way Out is Through

The reason anyOne would repeat suffering over and over again is because their attention has not yet moved the mind to perceive itself. Specifically, the mind awakens through suffering, but only when it perceives its own thoughts, which are the…

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Thoughts are False

The more it's seen that thoughts are false, the more the mind awakens to thoughts that align with Loveliness.

Self Work

If you believe your self needs improvement, you will also experience many other people who appear to be in need of self improvement.

It's all nonsense. Everyone is a perfect expression of Divinity, of course.

So, you're welcome to laugh,…

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Relationships Reflect – “Reflectionships”

Relationships are only meant to lead to the recognition of your Self - sort of like a game of hide and seek. The more you discover your Self, the sweeter relationships become.

Simply giving up all relationships allows your energy…

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Wake Up

You are neither awake nor asleep. You are absolute presence.

The journey to awakeness is an illusion made to uphold the belief that you are not awake, and such a journey will never end unless the belief that holds it…

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Awakening needs no journey, unless you believe a journey is necessary.

Belief of System

As long as people believe laws are making them unhappy, people will go about changing laws, which ironically re-validates the belief of system that's really making them unhappy.