The Only Way Out is Through

The reason anyOne would repeat suffering over and over again is because their attention has not yet moved the mind to perceive itself. Specifically, the mind awakens through suffering, but only when it perceives its own thoughts, which are the underlying cause of that suffering.

The mind does not automatically perceive itself because at the onset of suffering the ego immediately diverts attention to blame or other justification for the perceived suffering. These are systems of thought set up to protect the self image at the expense of Freedom of Spirit.

As soon as the mind sees the suffering it’s been making, and can recognize the false as false, there is simply no more need for suffering.

The only way out is through. Every opportunity to give up sufferings occurs in the moment of perceived suffering. When it’s seen clearly that the thoughts upholding the suffering are false, there is nothing in the body/mind to which suffering can adhere.

To use attention in this way is to make space in the mind for Grace, which means the end of suffering. This does not mean the lessons will end either. Did you know that you can *get* all of the lessons this lifetime is meant to teach without suffering?

Did you also know that when you give up suffering for yourself, you hold space for all of consciousness to do the same? What kind of ripple effect do you think that has? Would that kind of self Love serve as an inroad toward Total Peace or not? Inquire.

Self Work

If you believe your self needs improvement, you will also experience many other people who appear to be in need of self improvement.

It’s all nonsense. Everyone is a perfect expression of Divinity, of course.

So, you’re welcome to laugh, play and have fun with whatever is showing up in your experience.

Relationships Reflect – “Reflectionships”

Relationships are only meant to lead to the recognition of your Self – sort of like a game of hide and seek. The more you discover your Self, the sweeter relationships become.

Simply giving up all relationships allows your energy of attention to be moved into alignment with people and things that more fully reflect the sweetness of your unconditioned Self.

This is not a willful letting go, but a Willingness to go with Love’s flow – even if that means the end of a perceived friendship, family tie or association.