Monthly Archives: February 2014

No Problem

You've got to be willing to understand that there are no problems before you can help to heal and beautify the world. Basically, the moment you put ANY belief in perceived problems, more problems are being made up.

That's just…

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Making Fun with the Mind

Whatever your mind is focused on right now - you're allowed to make fun of it.

Anything that says you have to take it seriously is just a lie.

Enjoy or not - that's the choice you are making in…

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To anticipate a particular outcome or set of outcomes is a natural function of the mind. It's only belief that happiness is decided by outcomes that Anticipation becomes a problem.

Likes and Dislikes

Likes and Dislikes don't belong to you. Leave them alone so that you can enjoy whatever is arising.

Allow Expansion

Growth is in the expansion of consciousness, but your absolute Divinity is never in question. In every moment is the opportunity to allow expansion or not, but expansion is life's purpose, and the one who tries to stifle or control…

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Truth is Now

If you think you're close to absolute truth, there is still a separation. That separation is only made of thought.

One Presence

There is no presence that's separate from God's presence. That's the illusion.


Healers are no trouble unless they believe the people who seek their services are actually in need of healing.

False Beliefs

Recognize every belief as False belief and only You remain - the source of all Happiness.

The Body…

The body is like a costume worn by the only Real One for pretend play and enjoyment.