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It's not judgmental to notice when someone treats you with disrespect. That's just being honest.
What's judgmental is pretending like you did something to create the disrespectful treatment, that anything should be different, or that anyone is bad, wrong or…

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Anxious Mind

Anxious mind is constantly looking for the next experience because it hasn't recognized that there is no such thing as next.

Life is Now, and whatever experience is arising Now is the one that deserves your undivided attention.

Through willingness…

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By the belief that we can overcome - challenges, problems, issues and addictions are being made up and experienced.

There's nothing to overcome. Nobody is really strong or weak. Everybody is a puppet of the one dynamic consciousness - doing…

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Beyond the Veil

The veil of illusion is only made of thought. It's your destiny to see beyond it.

Everything in Love

You cannot help what you nevermind your judgment about what should or should not be done, how it will turn out, or whether you deserve to be doing it.

Simply allow ALL of your doings to receive your full…

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