Monthly Archives: June 2014

Other People’s Judgment

It's not that I don't care what people think of me. It's just that forgivenessOther People's Judgment absolves any fear of how I might receive their point of view.

Having received the gift of forgiveness, other people's points of view are important and…

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Appreciation in Relationships

I've learned that nothing of this world can bring love to a relationship. Not gifts, not common interests, not children...and certainly not changing anyone's perception.

In my experience, love spontaneously shines through my relationships when I'm not pursuing thoughts that…

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Judgment Reflected through Relationship

Yesterday I was blessed with the perception that my partner can't appreciate my writing because it's not nearly as spiritual as Mooji's.

But I didn't need to let my perception affect my authentic expression. And I didn't need to harbor…

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Expectations in Relationship

I don't need my man to be interested in everything that inspires me. Just like I don't expect myself to be interested in everything that inspires him.

If he's not interested in hearing about a certain subject or topic, I…

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Yesterday I was hanging out nibbling on some jelly beans when I offered some to a few of my friends who were sitting nearby. Both of them told me that they used to eat jelly beans, but it's something they…

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I don't need to get any pleasure out of my experiences.

My only responsibility is to allow the pleasure of being who I am to flow into them.

Self Gratification

I'm not into demanding respect from my children or anyone else. It's more important to me that my relationships are authentic than made to look rosy for the sake of self gratification.

Perception and Judgment

Yesterday I went hiking in a bathing suit and hiking boots. I thought the combo looked funny, but I decided I didn't mind.

When I mentioned that the bathing suit and hiking boots look funny, someone told me that was…

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I can't identify with opinions that appear to be mine. Opinions are just part of perception....which is always evolving.

In this awareness, opinions that occur to me are automatically given up to be evolved as necessary to keep my heart…

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If I think someone is too intellectual, it's because I've been intellectualizing their words instead of allowing myself to feel the heart resonance of what they mean to share with me.