Escape from Pain and Suffering

I know better than to try and escape pain and suffering by running to thought for solutions. The best that can come of it is temporary relief through the denial of what is…which is a set up for more extreme suffering in the future.

Thinking is what moves me to deny my position as pure awareness in the first place. And as soon as I stop looking for solutions in thought, I’m naturally moved to observe insane thought patterns as the root cause of whatever form of misery has arisen in me.

As for rational solutions, they arise spontaneously, as I am gracefully moved to express the love and compassion that prevails in the mind of God….who dwells within Me.

Worthy of Love

It’s very common in romantic relationships for one person to play the fault finder and the other to play the one with deficiencies…always seeking to correct and improve themselves in order to be found worthy of love in the eyes of the other.

This dynamic makes an illusion of superiority and inferiority, which holds both partners apart from realizing their inherent value and the true purpose of relationship.

I recognize the tendency to play the inferior, submissive one within myself….

Throughout my relationship with my husband I’ve noticed my internal response to some of the things he says as a hook to get me to believe that I am somehow deficient and need to change.

But it’s always been apparent to me on some level that every relationship is just me relating with another form of myself, and that its my responsibility to stand for our inherent worthiness.

So instead of buying into this form of misery, I consistently stand my ground and live in the truth that staying together is only valuable if we are both grateful for the gift of one another exactly as we are. My man has always recognized that he in fact is grateful for me just as I am, and that’s why he’s been my man for the past 20+ years.

My personality has changed a lot over the course of our relationship, but those changes have been spontaneous and natural. They weren’t due to a divisive attempt to make myself worthy of my partner’s love.

In fact, it’s clear to me that the more one tries to make themselves worthy of love, the less attractive they become in the eyes of their partner. This is because such a pattern of thought denies one’s inherent worthiness in the present moment, and thereby causes them to broadcast unworthiness…which naturally causes their partner to reflect lack of love in return.

I’m aware that every time I perceive lack of love coming from my partner, he is only reflecting illusions of unworthiness within me. That’s why I immediately and consistently refuse to give life to those illusions by pretending that I need to change, that he is wrong, or that I deserve to be in partnership with someone who holds me in the light of unworthiness.

It truly never mattered to me whether the relationship went forward, because I’m aware that every relationship is born from within me, and if I’m playing into patterns of unworthiness, I can only attract misery through relationship…whether I stay with the same partner, move on to another or choose to be single.

In this way, the space that I allow myself and my partner to hold for one another continues to be conducive to releasing our personalities from attraction to all forms of misery…which is the true purpose of every relationship.

In love!

Getting What is Wanted

I experienced a lot of confusion and frustration when I thought that I wanted things out of life. Some time ago I became aware that desire naturally flows through me, like a river that never dries up…but for awhile I didn’t realize that desire didn’t belong to me, and so I thought that I wanted “my desires” to be made manifest.

In this present state of being without wanting (some call this desirelessness), the river of desire still continues to flow through me…it’s just that there is no longer identification with wanting for any desire to manifest.

At some point it became obvious to me that the purpose of desire is to create opportunities to allow more joy through feeling sensations, but instead of allowing more joy right then and there, I noticed that my mind had developed a strong tendency to employ mental strategies in order to pursue desire.

Once I became aware of this tendency, I noticed more and more how unnatural it felt to pursue any desire at the expense of present moment joy. So instead of reacting to desire by moving into mental strategies, my mind gradually became more willing to give up strategies in favor of allowing the sensation of desire itself to move my emotional body into alignment with joy.

At this point, my mind’s dominant tendency is to allow joy no matter what. And since joy only leads to more joy, I can expect to experience more joy going forward (which is a joy in itself).

The joy I speak of is not dependent on any outcome or happening of this world. Indeed, as soon as there’s wanting for a particular outcome, I can feel my emotional body immediately being moved in resistance to joy.

And since I’m willing to feel the sensation of resisting joy, I’m naturally moved back into the vibrational frequency of joy without hardship or striving.

Because of this, everything gets done through me, as I’m effortlessly moved toward that which is truly desired by me….the physical manifestation of which is often different from what the mind thinks is desired.

Knowing that This is available to everyone who desires it, the river of desire fills me with eager anticipation and willingness to share. Mahalo!

Happy all the Time

I’m not happy all the time. It’s just that I’m quicker than most people at allowing myself to be delivered back into the Light.

It’s not that I’m a positive thinker. Through meditation I’ve become experientially aware of the truth and so I naturally forgive myself and all others (which are really versions of myself) for every blunder that I perceive.

For I know that when the mirror gets cloudy, we can only reflect to each other fearful thought patterns that circulate in the mind. Without grievances being held in my emotional body, there is no impediment to my happiness, and so happiness is natural for me.

All are innocent…and everything that happens is a gift of grace…a chance to clean the mirror. This awareness sets me free. 

Illusion of Disease

All things being equal, the illusion of disease is as much of a gift of Divine grace as any product or procedure that seems to cure the disease…as well as the illusion that the cure is unavailable for whatever reason.

Every single happening is meant for one purpose…to awaken the mind out of its self created misery.

Recognize this to allow the mind’s delusional dependency on political/corporate systems of greed to be dissolved. Otherwise every perceived cure is just a setup for more disease and inequality being made manifest in the world.

Healing from Suffering

The greedy mind has convinced the general population that they need one or several products or procedures in order to be healed and avoid suffering. In truth no product can ever heal anyone, and emotional dependence on products is suffering itself…which leads to more suffering.

Every experience of healing is really transformation of the perception…which is a gift of Divine grace. The material reasons for healing are only an illusion, and as long as illusions are taken as true, dis-ease multiplies, notwithstanding the accomplishment of any physical cure.

As long as there is belief that certain products are necessary in order for healing to occur, the mind’s attraction to many forms of fear is cultivated….which can only intensify and multiply diseased thought entities that roam the mind seeking expression through living beings.

Since I’ve been made aware that the inherent power to heal every form of dis-ease is within, I no longer resist illness or disease. I embrace it with purpose because I know it’s my responsibility to allow real transformation within the collective mind, not merely to cure symptoms.

I understand that many times healing seems to occur through a particular means, but I’m also aware that those means are illusions made to satisfy the rational mind.

In this way, I don’t find myself giving credit to anything but my God source for every instance of healing; and I don’t mind a diseased body because the opportunity to live my purpose in sickness as well as in health is the truth of why I’ve come into physical form.

May every being thrive in the abiding joy that springs out of healed perception.

In love!

No Such Thing as Loss

There is truly no such thing as loss. What the mind thinks to be loss is really redirection of awareness toward the fulfillment of life’s only purpose – restoring the mind to innocence and joy.

If perceived loss is experienced with this perspective in mind, said redirection can occur with graceful ease, while simultaneously dissolving the mind’s habitual attraction toward making illusions of pain and suffering.

To me, all forms of loss are a welcome opportunity to live my purpose…which is to fully experience whatever emotional reaction arises in my body and let ancient fears be resolved toward love.

I don’t try to make loss for myself…indeed my thoughts and actions always lead toward that which the mind thinks will make me happy…I can’t help that. But by remaining open to anything, the mind automatically comes to understand with great clarity that expanding happiness for all beings is what really makes me happy.

I’m aware that I am the source of all happiness, and so nothing that arises in the world can convince me that I am happy or unhappy. Thus, I cannot be tricked into resisting the love and compassion that’s meant to be channeled through myself and into the life of this world.

This blessing is available to everyone, and everyone will eventually allow themselves to receive it. It’s only a matter of time.

Love & Blessings to all!

Friendship and Purpose

I know what it’s like to live under the impression that friendships need to be like business deals…to live with a mind that’s always scheming about how personal “connections” can serve the personal self.

In my experience, I was unable to give or receive very much love as long as my attention was distracted with striving for this delusional kind of “success”.

Sad, I know…but my happiness comes out of knowing that the purpose of sadness is transformation and expansion. Within this perspective and purpose, I live!