Earth Cannot be Owned

Earth cannot really be owned. Property title may create a very convincing illusion of ownership, but that illusion can only continue for as long as there is division in the mind. 

Moreover, the only kind of security that comes from personal ownership of property is a false sense of security in worldly things. 
In reality, all struggle comes from thinking that separation is real, and no matter how much is done to get security and avoid struggle, life will continue to being whatever is necessary to reveal that separation is an illusion. 
The more there is willingness to have everything come and go exactly as it does, the more ease and grace is allowed to be experienced and shared with all beings. 
Love and abundant blessings!


Help Me Jesus

“Help me Jesus” is a thought that I’ve found myself giving attention toward – even while there was consciousness of the fact that Jesus is not a separate entity who can really offer me any assistance. 

At times, when I couldn’t find the courage to go through all the sensations that were arising without paying allegiance to thoughts that seemed to attack myself and others, I called on the thoughts of Jesus – a pillar of love and compassion that my attention could possibly be moved toward.  

Help did come too…Whatever thought pattern seemed to have my attention instantly became irrelevant along with fear of experiencing the feelings that were alive for me. 

Somehow pursuing thoughts of confusion lost their significance, and there was a sense of compassion, comfort, courage and excitement about what was being exposed and purified through the body experience. 

The result has been simply miraculous in that ancient patterns of conflict and dis-ease have been replaced with compassion and healing no matter what’s being perceived. 

Thank you Jesus for the friend you are in me.

I Am

I am the reality before the illusion. It is within my light that this thought form can sense itself as an individual with the ability to share this message. . 

Like all people, she is made of thought patterns that have been changing and shifting in the mind since long before she apparently arrived on this planet. She is the filter through which my light projects everything she perceives.   

Thoughts of self doubt are not relevant for her because she recognizes that herself and her life are a temporary extension of Me. Yet she acknowledges sensations of self doubt when they arise, and she bears witness as my light burns away mistaken thought patterns that make self doubt seem possible for anyone. 

Manifestations don’t matter to her. She depends only upon Me in all circumstances, and she doesn’t pretend to need anything from this illusory world. 

She is exuberant and free because she’s not capable of holding any cares, worries, doubt, hatred or fear.

She is the seed of a world that’s been longed for since the beginning of time…a harmonious realm where all beings know Me and all beings are happy and free. 

Her human body will perish, but her thoughts of Me will remain in the mind until everyone who seems to be lost has found their way Home.


The Cure for Death

People seem so occupied with finding cures for countless different diseases, all of which are symptoms of dying. Why not seek the cure for death itself? 

Guilt associated with belief in separation is the cause of all appearances of death and disease  – the cure for which is not found in the world. 
If this resonates for you and life leads you to seek different remedies, medicines and procedures to cure what seems to be ailing you or your loved ones, please consider that every method of recovery and the sacred meetings that they entail (doctor visits, etc) are tools for teaching the collective mind the consequence of belief so that healing becomes the natural choice over making dis-ease. 
True healing is a gift of grace which transforms the thinking mind, while every material cure is really just one illusion replacing another. 
Recognition of the reality behind the illusion creates a sense of ease and detachment from outcome….which allows the cause of death to be observed, thereby accelerating the process of transformation within the collective mind.   
Appearances of death and its symptoms will continue to arise only until transformation is complete. In the meantime, enjoy the apparent process and love all.
Abundant blessings! 

Healing is a Thought Process

There’s no person that’s more or less healed than another person. People are nothing but projections of thought structures that have been formed according to belief in guilt and death.

While people can develop the ability to recognize illusions and thereby escape suffering from moment to moment, no person is separate or apart from the confusion and harm that’s so obviously being played out in the apparent world, and no person is other. 

In fact, the personal self and all other persons arise only in perception, and reflect that which is untrue. 

Because all people are of the same body and the same mind, every perception of dis-ease is a chance to recognize the unreality of thought processes that hold dis-ease in place….which equals healing. 

Even healing itself is a thought process, but it’s one that will endure until perception is completely healed, and the world that’s been made in darkness no longer remains. 

In this way, the aim of healing is not for a few special people to attain the status of “healed” for themselves…the aim of healing is to totally deconstruct the collective dream of separation and fear.

All people share the same healing purpose, and each person naturally attracts other people who are best suited to be both teacher and student in this regard.

Healing comes through people but it’s not for any person in particular. True healing is a thought process that forgives thought processes which insist on guilt and death being real.

When healing is complete, no people will remain. There will be nobody left to proclaim that they are healed. 

In loving appreciation!