Devoted Men

It’s obvious what makes women attract experiences of men who treat them like objects. 

Anyone who pretends to want bodies to be other than they are, do other than they do, or have other than they have cannot help but attract potential partners that reflect the same.
Whether the pretense is about her kids, other people’s kids, the media, people in her community, business and political figures, her lover, animals and insects, her neighbors, and even herself…its within the power of each woman to recognize what is really keeping her from being seen, appreciated and adored as she is. 
By viewing the world through the lens of an individual subject, every body is made into an object, and one is bound to attract others who reflect their world views. 
If this subtle play of consciousness isn’t recognized for what it is, the men who show up to play their part are blamed for being confused assholes, and the cycle repeats itself again and again until the lesson is learned. 
As lessons are learned, relationships naturally evolve or dissolve …thus making way for new paradigms that have been become possible through learning. Learning is not’s an automatic process that occurs when the attention isn’t fixed on self concepts. 
Bless the men who’s role it is to treat women like objects…they are the greatest lessons. And appreciate the men who’s role it is to serve women with loving devotion …they are the reward for lessons learned.