Love is Freedom

Love is freedom. The kind of love that seeks to keep anybody from doing as they please is really fear disguised as love.

Fear turns what could be joyful relating into a game of suspicion, jealousy and disappointment. This is the common way that people have been taught to “love”.

But when everybody is allowed to act natural, people naturally gravitate toward other people who bring out the most joy in one another.

This is the way my husband and I relate, and while we have been sexually exclusive with each other for over two decades, neither of us demands faithfulness or acts suspicious toward the other.

It’s mutual enjoyment of our romantically exclusive partnership that has kept us from pursuing other options, not an illusion of obligation or self control.

In fact, because I love my man, I want him to have his romantic desires fulfilled. And if his desire is not for me exclusively, no problem…I would likely become disinterested in romantic connection with him, but no love would be lost.

Likewise, when it comes to kids, parents, friends, etc, there’s awareness that disappointment is impossible, and so there are no restrictions on my love….or their freedom.

Can you imagine what a world full of lovers might feel like?

Thank you! I love you!!

The Body is An Illusion

The body itself is a sick illusion…it’s “proof” that fear is real and death is inevitable.

But the awareness that shines through the body is the light of the whole world.

It’s the same awareness that washes away dreams of death and disease the instant the mind loses interest in defending their reality.

Thank you! I love you!!