Mistake is Impossible

Mistakes are judgments about action, behavior or performance…all of which are the sole responsibility of the creative principal…which does not make mistakes. 
Nevertheless, the confused mind collects evidence in the illusion that good results come from identifying mistakes and then correcting them….even though the process happens naturally, through the senses.  
A mind that thinks mistakes are made also thinks that people make mistakes, and that people can correct them…it denies creativity and loving kindness; and sows seeds of violence within itself. 
…Behind the surface perception of a responsible and effective mind, guilty thoughts multiply in the subconscious realm, gathering energy until they have enough force to possess the mind and cause people to act violently toward themselves and other people.  
Have you experienced enough guilty consciousness already? Then find out who/what is unwilling to sacrifice the burden of self responsibility because it’s afraid of losing itself. 
You are magnificent and free. There are no limits to your love. 
Thank you! I love you!!

Trying to Love

Trying to love is really another form of resistance to love. 
It’s a built-in mechanism of mind that aims at keeping hidden the fact that there is nothing but love, and that which lacks love is only an illusion. 
Love is never really lacking. It only gets covered up by ideas about someone who is capable of being other than love. 
Through surrender to feeling whatever denies love, love presents itself….
Whereas trying to love denies feeling and results in experience of the kind of love that’s temporary and bound to become its opposite. 
The one who is aware of trying is also the source of love. 
Thank you for all the love! I love you!

Self Doubt is a Trick!

Self doubt is a trick! 
No one is capable of doubting who they really are. 
It’s only illusions that can and must be subject to doubt. 
Like all delusional thoughts…
Self doubt is meant to distract attention away from the fact that the self in question never really existed. 
Thank you for being undoubtable! I love you!

Trying to Love

Trying to love anyone is a futile endeavor. 
Its willingness to feel unloving/unloved that reveals what love is. 
Through recognition of what love is, everybody is already loved…and loving kindness is the natural result.

Embracing People’s Opinions

Not wanting to be affected by other people’s opinions, the confused mind withholds love from anybody who seems to threaten its self identity. 
It relates from a desire to have its cravings fulfilled and leaves broken-hearted people in its tracks. 
But being affected by other people’s opinions is only a problem when there is confusion about who/what is being affected, and for what purpose….
While the mind identifies itself as an individual amongst other individuals, naturally it experiences resistance to being affected negatively by the opinions of people and craving for being affected positively by the opinions of people. 
But the purpose of being affected by opinions at all is to help the mind recognize that the individual person is really an extension of awareness witnessing an individual perspective through the currents of consciousness; and that ALL apparently individual persons are extensions of the same witnessing principal. 
Unwillingness to feel the effects of being a separate individual is what makes the mind withhold loving kindness from other people…which is really an attempt to make its individual self comfortable within it’s own separate illusion. 
But through focusing attention on that which is aware of other people’s opinions, the mind is turned toward embracing the opinions of other people and appreciating them for the the gifts of awareness that they bring. 
Naturally, the mind begins to express more loving kindness toward people, and if attentions remains focused on awareness, it becomes impossible to make illusions of suffering for anybody. 
You are all that is! Don’t be fooled by the illusion that people are either for or against you. 
No matter what appears on the surface, every interaction is between perspectives in consciousness, offering one another gifts of awareness.
Thank you for sharing your gifts! I love you!

Joy is Meant to be Shared

The kind of joy that seems to disrespect other people’s feelings is still Joy…in confusion Joy is used to make illusions instead of being shared. 
There are no other people. What’s being disrespected is Joy itself…it’s been called selfishness, and it immediately burdens the mind. 
Joy is synonymous with Loving Kindness. If it’s withheld from even a single person, place or thing in the perception…what might seem like joyful experience is really an illusion that leads to its opposite. 
There is nothing to get out of this world, as everything in it is passing away. But Joy/Loving Kindness is the gift that wipes away illusions and that endures forever. 
Thank you! I love you! 


If you find yourself wanting for anything, it’s only because consciousness is operating under a mistaken version of reality. 
You want for nothing. Wanting is only an appearance within a dream of separation. 
Thank you! I love you!!

Stories are not True

Whatever is uttered forth by your mouth is because of consciousness. With every word, consciousness tells a story about a person. 
You are the one watching consciousness pretend to be a person with a story, but you have no words and no story. 
This pretending would not be any cause for suffering, except that in most cases, consciousness operates under the belief that the person it made up is real and true. 
Watch the play of consciousness and self beliefs will collapse into joy of being. 
Thank you! I love you!

Illness and Health are Equal 

Illness proves the existence of health, and health proves the existence of illness. Indeed, everything make believe needs an opposite to appear as if it’s real.
Under the spell of self identified mind, consciousness craves for recovery when faced with illness because of the belief that health is better than illness…unaware that these opposites are equal manifestations of mental insanity. 
In fact, craving for health/aversion to illness is like a veil that hides the reality that perfect well being is the Whole truth. 
Likewise, craving/aversion keep hidden the fact that perception of health is itself a setup for perception of illness…for which death seems to be an escape and “re-covery” leads to yet another setup. 
Who cares if the body appears healthy or ailing in the dream of death?…when the fact is that the make believe body is doomed from the start.  
Through the functioning of the senses, consciousness makes whatever appearances are necessary to reflect the consequences of belief, and there’s no safety or heath measure in world that can save anybody from its effects. 
So even while taking said measures, it’s perfectly safe to let come what may! 
There’s nothing of this world worth attaining…not even the appearance of a healthy body. 
Thank you! I love you!