Abundance of the Heart

“Out of the abundance 10689963_10201738441781710_2764218589714651217_nof the heart, the mouth speaks” Jesus the Christ

This is plainly obvious for me, and that’s why I can’t hold anything against those who speak words of harm, punishment and destruction toward myself and other people. 

I’m aware that in every single instance, such language is the cry of an innocent child who has lost their way in the mind, and who’s heart has become guarded by fear.

I notice that the immediate reaction within the mind is to defend against such speech, and also launch a counter attack that seeks to judge, punish and/or destroy the offender.

But I have seen that defense and retaliation can only lead already wayward children to build upon the fear that guards their heart against love…while making structures of fear within my own heart as well.

Plus, when I permit myself to be hypnotized by fear like that, I cannot sense God’s love coursing through my body…..And I’m aware that the one launching attacks cannot presently feel the consequences of what they do because their heart is so hardened by fearful beliefs.

So, I approach verbal attacks by staying focused on the pure sensation of God’s love while also welcoming the feeling sensation of fearful thoughts being launched toward myself and/or other people.

In this way, the capacity has been developed in my heart to take in malevolent energies and reconcile them with God’s judgment…which is love, compassion and peace that passes all understanding.

Are you ready to put away old strategies that darken your heart and cause you to relate with the world through fear?

Come spend a week with me…laugh, play and discover how to live in ecstasy as an extension of the love that sustains and adores yourself and all of creation.

October 2-9, here on Big Island. For details go to www.awakening-retreat.com

Hope Johnson offers guidance and intuitive tools that facilitate awakening and enlightenment. Please email her for more information hope@thewaytotheway.com, or register to attend one of her upcoming retreats Here.

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