Abundance vs Scarcity

Abundance vs Scarcity

Abundance is not the opposite of scarcity, as the mind would have you believe. Abundance is the reality of existence while scarcity is a self limiting idea.

You have the innate ability to not only survive, but to thrive in any financial climate, with any form of governmental rule, and under any circumstance. All there is to do is allow the Abundance that is the essence of ‘who you are’ to be expressed through your perception.

When a thought that screams ‘scarcity’ crosses your awareness, and you recognize it’s lack of meaning, the energy of your perception is immediately shifted to a lighter frequency. Small shifts like this add up until you become so aware of your abundant essence that even the idea that scarcity exists (or that anyone needs protection from it) looks silly and irrelevant.

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2 Responses to Abundance vs Scarcity

  • Tigmonk says:

    This is wonderful, and…. so yummy.

    This is such a blessing of understanding, or seeing.
    To see that life is already abundant, that it isn’t something you have to manipulate or control,this is such a beautiful unfolding.

    Thank you for your willingness to bloom. What a wonderful scent you release into the world.

    Many hugs dear friend.


  • Savina says:

    Wonderful post. I am learning to live from this principle. It is taking me time, since I’m surrounded by the total opposite…I mean, the news, people, etc. But I do believe that I am provided for by God and that I lack nothing that I need. Amen to your voice here. It’s a wonderful reminder to all who read you.

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