Social Activism to Divine Activation

Desire for a ‘better’ world is creative movement – and the essence of that world is being made manifest Now, but only to the extent that emotional attachment to when and how is surrendered to the Creative Force.

The common ‘activist’ battles against what the intellect has deemed ‘evil’ – thereby causing their energy of awareness to project for more manifestations that match the feeling of ‘evil’ for their lives and for their world.


Specifically, the more fervent anyOne’s belief that they have knowledge as to what’s good and evil, the more division being created between their individualized energy of awareness (personality) and the source of all awareness (God/You). This condition is known Biblically as a ‘divided heart’ – it’s a state of mind who’s energetic frequency causes constriction of the energy that emanates from the heart.


When heart energy (God’s essence) is so constricted, the personality is made to feel separate, alone, desperate and without. This is a message from God/You to your Earth-focused awareness, saying something like ‘your fascination with ideas/beliefs/judgments is leading you deeper into delusion and suffering’.


However, the ‘activist’ ego (in its endeavor to do and be ‘good’) tends to intellectualize the feeling of energetic dissonance – thus triggering the egoic process of false pride – which leads to denial of God’s presence and guidance.  As layers of denial are accumulated, one tends to become more passionate and focused about creating a sense of wholeness by changing the world that has only been imagined by consciousness into being.


This personality trait represents an aspect of the Divine Soul in the process of realizing that intellectual knowledge of good and evil mentally separates the individualized personality (false self) from God, and that said sense of separation is the root of all suffering.  This form of delusion is perpetuated for God/You by God/You until this basic Life lesson is integrated with the thought-created personality.


There’s no right or wrong, and when God’s/Your experience through the activist personality has fulfilled God’s/Your purpose, a feeling of inescapable confusion and suffering typically incites the desire to transcend the dense role of ‘activist’.


If you have been unconsciously acting as an ‘activist’, and you are prepared Now to devote your temporary personality to the aspect of God/You that is beyond the intellect, get to Know The Real You and be Willing to surrender all thought that does not resonate with what’s true in You.


In every moment you decide to go willingly according to God’s Plan (as directed by Desire) – God’s presence (heart energy) is activated in the mind, thus allowing your perception to be moved with ease and grace toward all the circumstances, people and places God/You intend to experience through your personality’s unique point of view.


When The One expressing through the personality is so activated, personal activism is no longer relevant– not because suffering has been denied – but because personal energy is in harmony with, and surrendered to the ONLY One with the power to bring the pure desires of the heart to Life.

Hope Johnson offers guidance and intuitive tools that facilitate awakening and enlightenment. Please email her for more information, or register to attend one of her upcoming retreats Here.

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