Admission of Victory

Admission of Victory

Belief in thoughts of lack is an admission of defeat. Specifically, thought trained on scarcity confines your energy of awareness to a mental construct whereby perception of scarcity is amplified in your experience; and in every moment that you believe such thoughts, you are being led by the mind toward the experience of physical 'proof' that there is not enough (money, time, love, talent, knowledge, etc) for fulfillment of your desires.

You are an inherently victorious being, for which everything you believe becomes truth within your perception of this creative environment - while no belief can ever define or identify you. Indeed, all desires projected out of your energy of awareness are being fulfilled right now - as modified to accommodate the beliefs you hold in contradiction to those desires.

All struggle, suffering and feelings of defeat are manifestations of existential ignorance, brought about by belief in that which is energetically dissonant to the essence of 'who you are'. However, in the moment your energy of awareness returns to focus on the Truth that underlies all 'truths' made out of belief, ignorance is immediately absolved along with perceptions and feelings of ignorance.

Getting to know the voice of scarcity by its feeling and associated breath pattern will give you conscious overview of lackful thoughts as they are playing in your awareness. In this way, space is being allowed by you, within which you may consciously discern which thoughts are true for you.

Through attention, it eventually becomes obvious that the only thing to admit is victory because that is closest to the Truth of who you are.

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4 Responses to Admission of Victory

  • J.R. says:

    Scarcity and abundance are partners in relativity and contrast. Belief in scarcity is not the issue. Belief is the issue. I do not just mean belief as in the acknowledgement that something is possible, like believing it exists. I mean belief in contrast to disbelief, like blind belief or presumptive belief. Today, the functional economic problem is not with scarcity, but a false belief in the speculative value of real estate, stocks, insurance policies, and so forth- and the corresponding speculative discounting of currencies as the credit bubble deflates and currencies like the Yen and Swiss Franc rocket in purchasing power. Hope, your post seems to be about fear more than scarcity. Fear of fear (as in shame or paranoia) is a type of intellectual blindness. People afraid of acknowledging risk tend to under-estimate it and all the conceptual labels (scarce, abundant, etc) may seem trivial. It is not scarcity consciousness to buckle a seat belt before driving- or to pull over the car if you notice that your infant’s safety seat is not buckled. Buckling up is intelligent. Fear is intelligent. Fear of fear is a popular dysfunction. Shaming “scarcity consciousness” is like any other shaming. Shaming is the operating of intelligence, too, but the installing of dysfunction by indoctrination and propaganda functions primarily for the benefit of those installing the energetic armor and imprisonment, if not exclusively.

    • Hope Johnson says:

      Aloha J.R.,

      My perception of your interpretation of my words is very interesting to say the least. To clarify, this article is about dissolving beliefs, not attaching to the opposite belief or shaming certain beliefs.

      Fear, in and of itself is not intelligent, but a mechanistic process of mind. However, it is possible to intelligently evaluate fearful thoughts to discern the order of ‘what is’ without identifying with those thoughts or believing them to be your truth.

      Blessings, my love.

  • David (Dansing Bear) says:

    Is it ok to rlease such thoughts of lack or scarcity through expression (such as writing, singing, etc.) in order to achieve some type of catharsis, or does this just give additional power to defeat?

    • Hope Johnson says:

      Aloha Dave!

      By not only allowing, but expressing thoughts of lack with conscious oversight (meaning with focus on the Truth), you are exposing the self beliefs that cloud your energy of awareness to consciousness.

      As such, consciousness (the creative aspect of who you are) is allowed space to work in your perception of lackful thoughts to guide you toward balance. I say ‘balance’ because consciousness does not resist lackful thoughts, it puts them in a conscious perspective (knowing that all thoughts are made up in the mind and do not belong to you).

      From a conscious perspective, the energetic charge of ego (fear) is diffused – and that’s all that attaches any belief to your identity. Allowing lackful thoughts to flow naturally while consciously maintaining or returning to a breath pattern like Long Deep Breathing (or any other breath technique whereby you can be alert to the movement of breath) offers up self beliefs to the ‘fire’ of consciousness.

      While breathing, thinking and feeling consciously, you may notice emotion coming up that makes it difficult to move the breath in a slow, steady rhythm. This is because every thought pattern brings up a patterned response of emotion and rhythm of breathing.

      The breath allows you to really feel and indulge the ego in the pain certain thoughts bring up, and by shifting awareness back to the breath while in the depths of emotion, consciousness enters deeply into your unconscious and subconscious awareness to see the unseen.

      From there it’s a matter of staying alert to all the messages and opportunities that are presented to your awareness through your perception, and returning focus to the breath as often as you can remember to do so.

      Mahalos for the questions, Dave! Xoxo

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