Affirmations are not meaningful to me. Saying to myself that I am anything at all is to tell a lie…

I am that I am, and I have no desire to add illusions to the false self or to the dream reality.

Not only that, but to claim that I am one thing is to also activate it’s opposite in the dream. For instance if I were too affirm that “I am safe”, automatically the opposite of safety is also being made part of the mind made reality.

Speaking of safety, how could I ever be unsafe? Who am I that I could lack safety? In fact I am not a body or anything that could ever need to be kept safe.

I accept responsibility for taking care of this body, but only as an instrument for receiving and offering God’s love… I have no special interest in avoiding whatever is meant to become of it.

This body may manifest illnesses, injuries, beatings, deformities or dismemberment…I don’t mind. If these things are necessary to awaken God’s children out of their self created dream of suffering, I welcome them too.

Nothing is rejected in me because I’m aware that all things are equal.

Abundant blessings!

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