After Soccer Snack

Salmon With Nama Shoyu
Raw Wild Salmon with Nama Shoyu

My 7 year old son, Blaze really enjoys playing soccer and other high energy sports and activities.  He is also quite fond of eating fun food including sweets.

I like to encourage my kids to be active, healthy and enjoy life to the fullest. At the farmers market today, I bought Blaze a small German chocolate cake made by a baker who uses real ingredients in his products.  Blaze  got to enjoy the cake after soccer practice, and after he had eaten something with plenty of good raw fat and protein.

Tonight, Blaze chose fatty raw wild salmon with raw fermented soy sauce.  I know that the raw fat in the wild salmon will help to neutralize and eliminate the cooked fat and sugars in the cake; while the protein helps heal and rebuild his muscles.  The pleasure he experienced while enjoying both foods keeps him happy, focused and ready for what’s next.

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