Over the past 6 years or so I’ve been inspired to intellectually communicate the Love of Being.

That inspiration concluded on the last full moon September, 2015, and now I’m inspired to focus that attention on expanding my Reiki charged aromatherapy line, Miracle Botanicals (

In that regard, my friends, you won’t be hearing from me in the way that you may have grown accustomed to. But those of you who have gone beyond my words can hear me clearer than ever.

For everyone who would like to read what I’ve shared over the years, a compilation of my writings can be found at, and more completely on my Facebook profile

My days are full of aromatherapy including custom blends, consultations, sampling oils from around the world, and inspired writing, reiki, harping, yoga, meditation, cooking, harvesting and loving up my beautiful family.

Miracle Botanicals is growing exponentially right now, so I’m mostly staying at home and making myself available to facilitate that growth.

I’ve received many telephone calls and emails that have not been returned. Please know that I appreciate all the reaching out and that you have not been forgotten.

Thank you for all that you Be. I love you!

With fragrant blessings and much appreciation!


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