There is a single supreme consciousness that projects through every person from an individual perspective. While there appear to be billions of “others” on Earth, they are all just different forms of the same Being.

That Being is the eternal creative force that is existence itself, and the One that is the core consciousness of everyone in existence.

From our egocentric perspective, we cannot help but be self centered because our awareness is specifically focused through a single body and brain. As individuals, everything we perceive, sense, feel and desire is according to how we see our material self in relation to everything else.

In our relationships with each other, the degree to which we have emotional love or hate for someone depends on how we see ourselves in them.  But it is our own projection that draws every person into our experience.

Likewise, every event, circumstance, thing and even the condition of our planet is a reflection of what we are creating in the mind.  While the individual creates their own reality according to their beliefs, all things, people and circumstances in the material world are a reflection of the predominant beliefs projected by the combined consciousness on Earth.

The mind does not belong to a single person, but is shared between all living things. It contains every belief and pattern of thought from the beginning of consciousness on Earth.

Each individual is tuned to specific patterns within the mind through receptors in our brains. As we go through life believing we are limited and separate, we reinforce the patterns created by those who were projected before us as we continue on the course that has been charted before our physical birth.

But since our essence transcends our brains and even the mind, we can change those patterns and create new, more favorable ones by focusing our awareness from the part of Self that is All.  The creative force synchronizes everything in our shared reality to reflect peace, harmony, abundance, beauty and Love to the degree that we are projecting the pure essence of our true Self through our material form.

In order to create all of this in our reality, we have only to allow ourselves to be the expression of Unconditional Love as we perceive everything in our experience. Since each person is really Alone, we don’t have to concern ourselves with what any person is doing or what they are thinking because our individual expression is dependent only on our individual connection to Self.

There is no other. Be the true You and glorify the only One that endures forever.

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    May 21, 2010

    Be what you are always.You came alone into this world.You go alone from this world.So why this attachment and detatchment.Both are a farce.A wise man understands this soon,a donkey never understands this even after many births.But a donkey understands one universal rule.Love and get love.We humans love very selectively.We always see the person’s riches,bank balance,cars,buildings,property.So that love is totally humbuck,means meaningless.True love does not bother about external material values,but looks closely at the internal purity.In this world,generally true lovers are always poor.But they live a life full of contentment,passion,kindness.These are not sold in any shop.These come out from oneself.So please do love all.God is there in a begger as well as a multi millionaire.Dont distinguish true love with untrue love.You will see yourself ruined,if you act as if you are in love,and nicely deceive,later on after snatching all wealth from some one.GOD will settle your account,by giving all problems to you,till you go from this world.

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