Animal Consciousness Supports Human Creativity

The Earth itself and everything manifested on Earth is projecting consciousness; and consciousness is the creator of our shared reality.  Every expression of consciousness in our world has evolved and is evolving for the creation and evolution of more intelligent life.

This is because existence is the infinite expansion of consciousness, and in our world, intelligence fuels that expansion by driving the creative force toward greater leaps in creativity. Every human expression is the culmination of every thought that has come before, as the individual being has evolved over many lifetimes as many different species.

At present, humans are the only species endowed with the level of intelligence that commands the creative force with specificity.  As such, human thought is on the leading edge of creativity.

Whatever possibilities we humans create for ourselves, we are also creating for everything else. Indeed, beings currently expressing themselves as animals, trees, etc., are all evolving toward the human experience.

Animals do not perceive the world as humans do – they live more from a vibrational perspective and summon the creative force for manifestations that support life on Earth.

Unlike humans, animals express their preferences from an instinctual rather than a material perspective.

Through their thought-based projections, animals contribute greatly to the sustenance of the environment on Earth as being conducive to human life.   They do so effortlessly, simply by living in rhythm with their environment, and following the flow of life through the perception of Unconditional Love.

However, humans are the judges of the world. Thus it is we who are responsible for everything in the reality shared by every creature on Earth.

It is our thought-based projections that create the vibratory environment that everything else projects back to us.  While all other forms of consciousness are supporting our survival, humans are creating well beyond this basic instinct.

To be human is a gift that the soul has done nothing special to receive, and every Earth-bound being is on its journey to becoming human. However, humanity is not the end of our journey. Once our being is expressed through the human mind, we continue to evolve toward more conscious expression in the progression of the creative manifestation that is our world.

The more we allow consciousness to prevail in our lives, the more we come to appreciate animals and every other expression of consciousness that supports us. The more we appreciate everything in our environment, the more our world represents our perception of harmony.

Humans can learn a lot about allowing from animals, and when we develop our ability to couple allowing with creativity, our thought-energy manifests blessings for ourselves and everything else.

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