Anxious Mind

Anxiety happens when you believe thoughts about needing to get something done before you can experience peace/freedom/love.

Even though the relief you feel after accomplishing something is gone just as soon as the mind hooks onto the next thing that needs doing, the mind always contends that a greater sense relief will come after you get more done. This is a programmed mental/emotional pattern ‘designed’ to maintain the sense of separation (fear), and give credence to ego (energy of fear).

You don’t have to buy in to this pattern of pain. You have the right and the responsibility to allow slow, deep breath and enjoy the moment to the best of your ability.

When you notice anxiety rising within you, it may help to remember this: To the extent that you are allowing peace/freedom/love from where you stand HereNow, more of that feeling is being created for your experience; and to the extent you believe that you must accomplish something before you can allow peace/freedom/love – more anxiety is being created for your experience.

There’s nothing else to do. Just noticing and breathing creates an opening for consciousness to transform your perception.

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