Yesterday I was hanging out nibbling on some jelly beans when I offered some to a few of my friends who were sitting nearby. Both of them told me that they used to eat jelly beans, but it’s something they had both overcome, and now jelly beans is on their list of things to avoid.

It occurred to me that there is nothing that I need to avoid, and that I get to eat the jelly beans whenever I like because I do so with appreciation. If I happen to be eating jelly beans in the moment, I can appreciate jelly beans…and when I’m not eating jelly beans, I can appreciate something else.

I’m basically becoming the focus of my attention in the moment. If I’m appreciating, I’m becoming appreciation…If I’m avoiding, I’m becoming avoidance.

But there’s never anything that I need to avoid, because there’s so much that my attention can be used to appreciate, and when I’m appreciating, the chances of me having too much of a good thing is completely nil.

I probably had about 5-10 jelly beans (but who’s counting), and with each one I experienced a magnificent burst of flavor and sensual pleasure that can only come from the joy of being who I am. The jelly beans were only the form used to express my eternal joy for that fleeting moment, so there’s nothing for me to carry about what else eating jelly beans means for me.

In this way, I can be appreciating jelly beans in one moment and appreciating the cool grass on the soles of my feet in the next…without the hinderance of what my mind thinks to be right and wrong, it can be one big appreciation fest, wherever I happen to find myself.

In love!

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