Appreciation in Relationships

I’ve learned that nothing of this world can bring love to a relationship. Not gifts, not common interests, not children…and certainly not changing anyone’s perception.

In my experience, love spontaneously shines through my relationships when I’m not pursuing thoughts that deny love’s presence.

For example, when I got hooked the other day by the thought that my man can’t appreciate my writing, I could have pursued that thought into bitterness toward him and sadness for myself (I have many times before).

But instead, I was able to experience my perception, allow compassion for what I seemed to be wanting, and let it be. In just a few minutes, love spontaneously brought me back to appreciation for all that my man IS for me, and I experienced a beautiful heart connection with him.

Conversely, when I was focused on what my man is not, love was being denied, which made an illusion of conflict (lack of love) between us.

Moreover, I was missing the lesson that would expose the hidden judgment I was holding for myself about the way love is shared through my written words.

Now that said judgment has been exposed, it may present itself again, but clearly, it no longer has any power to make conflict in my relationship with my man.

Love has already “won” because conflict was never real (this is true even when a relationship needs to dissolve). All I need to do is recognize conflict when it arises in me, and love automatically reveals itself again…kinda like hide and seek.

Abundant blessings!

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