Attack on Joy

Recently a friend told me that I can be as joyful as I am for a very long time. She wasn’t giving me a compliment. She was trying to teach me that being joyful is great, but that it’s not going to help me “evolve” toward “instant manifestation”…which is what the world really needs from me.

Thankfully, I cannot be taught such delusions because I have seen for myself how pursuing a better version of self…or anything else of this world…leads to the rather hellish circumstances that can be witnessed in so many of our homes, in our bodies, in our governments, in our workplaces and in our natural environment. To me, all of this is the “instant manifestation” of how much joy is being avoided right now.

Yes! I felt triggered by this seemingly unfriendly attempt to make me more like someone else’s ideal, such that I noticed a bit of defensiveness coming up in me during our conversation. After this seeming attack on being joyful I noticed thoughts in me that sought to punish this woman by not paying attention to her when she’s around me, and also thoughts that sought to blame her and people like her for the discontent that can be witnessed in the world.

But I cannot be taught these delusions either because they deny me the gift of eternal joy…which causes the burden of discontent to “instantly manifest” for me.

And so, with gratitude, I allow this woman back into my heart, just as I find myself “instantly manifested” back in the realm of eternal joy.

Much appreciation!

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