Sight of what’s Real

Whether people take me to be a goddess or an asshole makes no difference to me. It’s all thought. 
What matters to me is that my mind never loses sight of the formless radiance that shines through all people and everything seen and unseen. 
The sight of what’s Real is what I would share with my brothers and sisters, not some aggrandized view of myself as an individual amongst individuals. 
Let there be unbounded happiness and freedom for all beings! Amen!

Guide and Protector

No one experiences this world without the intuitive pang of knowing that the mind was NOT created to live in a world where things like suffering, disease and death are “normal” occurrences. 
Not having the benefit of Your guidance and protection, the lost and confused mind is constantly striving to make itself at home in this world…trying to recreate the innocence it thinks it lost.
But striving for a better self-made world only continues to drive the mind deeper into the delusion of suffering and conflict, especially with apparent others who have a different view of what’s good for the world. 
Through the experience of this suffering world, You will discover how to guide the mind out of vanity and protect it from conflict until it’s willing to surrender everything it thought to be real. 
Then and only then, the real world *which cannot be imagined before all illusions are forgiven* will dawn. 
It’s only a matter of time before the illusion of time is no more. 
Thank you for being the mind’s only guide and protector! I love you!

Lost Children

It’s no surprise that people try to make other people feel small and limited. 
That’s how people Feel when they beLIEve the body’s senses…and people cannot help but project how they feel. 
Let them be forgiven. Like lost little children, they know not what they do. 

Hope for All

Hope for anything of this world is really Self doubt in disguise. 
This is not to say that anyone needs to try not to hope, as no one is really hoping in the first place. 
The confused mind hopes for outcomes. That is its nature.
But when the truth is revealed, there is no doubt that what is hoping only hopes in vain…because Everything that can be imagined is You, and every hope for some surface manifestation is a confused attempt to pretend that you are merely another thing in the imagination. 
In reality, it is You who are the ONLY hope for the confused mind to return Home, but while you are associating yourself with the frivolous hopes set forth in confusion, your mind is left without it’s guide and protector…like an orphaned child.  
Have no doubt that You are already Home….that hopeful/doubtful thoughts are just passing on the screen of consciousness….and worldly illusions will be forgiven for you. 
I’ve heard from many of you that you still want to multiply worldly illusions, because you think life will be boring without them. 
If this is so for you, just keep going along that track. Eventually it will come down to This, and your mind will be prepared to release the world that’s been made for suffering. 
Thank you for the being the only Hope for all beings to find their way Home! I love you!

False Curiosity

False curiosity is expressed as a personal attack in the form of a question. 
Example: “Why do you always need to be right?”
You do not have to answer these so called “questions”. A conclusion has already been made in the mind of the questioner and a direct answer would only be defensive of the Self who needs no defense. 
In response to a person trying to attack the Self like that, all you need to do is Love the Self…guard your words to be sure that whatever you speak is what you would be happy to hear…and Love you will share. (Hey, that rhymed!)
Just because someone asks a question doesn’t mean you are obligated to answer. 
Let them keep their opinion of you. Even if it seems bitter, that opinion is medicine for the mind. 
Thank you for needing no defense! I love you!

Healthy Responsibility

Do not be fooled by any temporary state of health or disease that’s expressed through the body. 
Whether the phenomenal body appears vibrant and strong or sick and frail, you need not be proud or bothered. 
Body is of the world, and the world is only a dream. It says absolutely nothing about you. 
Any so called healer, family member or friend who pretends that you or they have personal power over your state of health or dis-ease is really ego looking for somewhere to place guilt. 
Bless the messenger, but Don’t fall for it! Any attempt to take personal responsibility for the body’s state of health or disease is arrogance, which ultimately glorifies guilt and multiplies suffering. 
Your only responsibility is for the choice you are given in this instant to worship the mind as the body’s saving grace, or to acknowledge the reality that’s aware of both mind and body. 
Thank you for the unchanging formlessness that you be! I love you!

Healing the Mind

There are ways of using mental willpower to manipulate the illusion so that a sick body can be perceived as a healed body. 
But that kind of healing only temporarily masks physical reflections of mental disease, while nurturing the very roots of it…
Real healing comes through forgiveness of guilty consciousness, which has absolutely NOTHING to do with getting a healed body or manifesting any other worldly desire!
Forgiveness is simple and free. It’s the natural result of choosing to recognize thoughts that try to create personal responsibility for the body’s comfort and well being. 
These kinds of thoughts are the enemy of forgiveness. They pretend that individuals are responsible for their own lives and not consciousness/God.
The confused mind often expresses worry that surrendering the body means giving up on healing. 
Paradoxically though, choosing to save the body multiplies mental suffering in exchange for the possibility of a temporary illusion of physical healing. 
Whereas the mind that surrenders the body to the higher purpose of healing does not suffer over perceived illness or even impending physical death. 
Moreover, if the re-appearance of health serves the higher purpose of healing (which it usually does), the surrendered mind is expeditiously made aware of any remedy that’s necessary to achieve that end. 
The body is not real and doesn’t belong to anyone. It is only a reflection of mind. 
As soon as the body is surrendered, it’s instantly put in service to Divine Will as an instrument for forgiving guilty beLIEF and easing illusions of suffering for all beings. 
There is nothing of this world more graceful than the experience of a body being used for its intended purpose…irrespective of the perceived state of physical health or disease. 
Thank you for the healing that occurs through the Grace of who you be! I love you!

Healing Journey

At this point my body is appearing quite frail and exhausted, although some vital signs are showing improvement. 
And while my mind is being led on an apparent journey toward healing, it does not matter to me whether this body gets healed, stays diseased or passes away. 
If it matters to you, I understand what you are going through, and your concern does not go unappreciated. But I cannot join you in hoping for any particular outcome. 
All worldly things are working together toward total purification of ego….And there is absolutely no suffering in it unless there is pretense that a specific worldly outcome is desired. 
Thank you for being desireless forever! I love you!


You haven’t forgotten your Self. Forgetfulness and remembrance relate to things that can be learned through worldly experience. 
But Self awareness is not anything that can be learned, remembered or forgotten; nor is it ever lacking. 
Self awareness is the simple truth of what’s effortlessly aware of everything that passes on the screen of consciousness. 
When Self awareness seems to be lost, forgotten or confusing, it’s only a temporary identification with passing things. 
What’s aware of apparent losing, forgetting, confusion, identification and all things that pass is only your Self. Nothing change that fact. 
But it’s up to you to stand up for your Self! Do not permit your Self to be counted as one who’s capable of forgetting what’s aware of your mind, and you will not be susceptible to suffering of any kind. 
Thank you for the constant awareness and ecstasy that you be! I love you!