Awareness is the Best Health Insurance

Nobody actually “needs” medical insurance.  Karma is karma! If we have created dis-ease for ourselves, we will experience it.

Having medical insurance gives us a false sense of control over our experience with dis-ease. But in reality, we always experience dis-ease to the degree that we have attracted it with our thoughts.

While having medical insurance may make it possible to control the costs associated with bodily dis-ease, shutting off one possibility for suffering only serves to redirect any suffering we have attracted to manifest in a different way.

Tense thoughts resist the radiant health that is our true essence. That resistance creates energetic blockages in the body and brain which eventually manifest as physical blockages and dis-ease.

Moreover, tense thoughts put us in energetic rhythm with possibilities that would evoke more tension from our perspective. This is the way we attract dis-ease in the form of circumstance.

For these reasons, the best health insurance is a still and peaceful mind. Total Well Being is available to everyone.  Just as soon we align our energy with the source of all wellness, we are healed!

It serves us to realize that because we have believed in the illusion that we are victims of circumstance, we have created our own fear, and insurance companies are a manifestation of our perceived need to control that fear. But since many of us have been deeply conditioned with this fear, until one develops their awareness enough to feel their own creative power, it may give them more peace of mind to keep their health insurance temporarily.

The key to creating abundance in every area of life, including health, is the practice of awareness. To discover more about your real Self and how awareness can work for you, please see: Your Real Self

The best health insurance is thoughts that glorify what’s true within us. Experience your true Self and be healed!

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