Battle is Cancerous

Cancer is just one manifestation of mental dis-ease. The idea that anything needs to be fought and conquered causes conflict in the mind which creates more of what we are fighting against.

I know it can be difficult to watch someone experiencing physical and mental anguish due to dis-ease, and I’m not going to suggest that anyone is at fault for having cancer. But it is we who hold the key to creating radiant health, deathly dis-ease and everything in between.

Dedicating our energy to focus on cancer awareness brings more feelings of fear and helplessness which serve to perpetuate the dis-ease. In addition, many people feel guilt if they choose not to give money or otherwise participate in this battle.

Uncomfortable and painful emotions are the cause of all dis-ease.  Can we ask any louder for the Universe to create more cancer?

There is no empty space, and nothing can happen in the material world without thoughts that create it. This is scientifically proven, but the medical paradigm will lose a lot of money once it becomes common knowledge.

A toxic chemical environment (within and without the body) is the manifestation of all thoughts that created it. Even babies are susceptible to cancer because the energetic environment on Earth is polluted with conflict.

Our greatest gift is our energy. See people healthy, whole and Joyful. Feel the power of this perspective through your heart center, and heal the world by your very presence in it.

The Light of Awareness is the ONLY real source of whole health. But focusing on anything that creates ill feelings is not of the Light.

True compassion is the courage to see things as they have been created while sending forth energy that matches how they truly are in the non-physical realm of pure Light energy. The Light is pure Unconditional Love, which knows no dis-ease of any kind.

Feel the feeling of whole, radiant health and know that you have the power to create it. When that feeling emanates from us in its purest form, dis-ease is dissolved by our presence in the world.

I will be focusing on abundant health for you and every other member of our planet (and for Earth itself) in this and every month. Of course, I Love and appreciate you no matter what you choose to focus upon, but I would be delighted if you would join me!

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    May 1, 2010

    Hi Hope, another great article thanks.

    I would like to add that I have found:
    1. “We can only help those that want to help themselves.”
    2. “We can only help by being the catalyst to healing, as each has to heal themselves!

    We can do this by bringing energy, understanding and love to the situation. As you indicated any healing can only come once the source of dis-ease has been taken away. This very often (if not always!) means “forgiveness”: by letting go of old believes that are the source of the dis-ease.

    I do a lot of meditation and bring peace to where ever I go, I have been able to let go of being the source of any healing. For me “The Holy Spirit” knows who needs it, he guides me to bring all that is needed to any situation. In this way the ego-mind cannot claim any achievements! 🙂
    Love and Light

    1. Hope Johnson
      May 3, 2010

      Thank you for sharing this. I have found that too! Your energy and peaceful presence are much appreciated. With Love and Gratitude!


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