Behold Your Beauty

No matter where we are in the world, the beauty within is being projected for us and through us by the power of our thoughts. In fact, the profound beauty of creativity is the energetic force that causes every person, circumstance and material object to manifest in this material reality.

Although it’s not always readily apparent, all things seen and unseen are made possible through the beauty of Divine Love. Many times we cannot realize this beauty through the layers of mental conflict and struggle that have been manifest, but it’s always present – just waiting to be discovered.

Everything in existence is created and sustained by all conscious and subconscious thought that led to the present moment, and this moment is constantly being recreated through the energy of our thoughts.  Because humans are the embodiment of the creative force coupled with a materially receptive mind, the balance of what we focus upon always multiplies in our reality.

When in a mental state of sincere appreciation for the beauty in our experience, we offer a very powerful vibratory pattern which commands the Divine creative force to manifest more of what we consider beautiful. However, many times we do not allow ourselves to enjoy the beauty we have noticed because our focus is quickly drawn to what should be done, changed or fixed in some way.

Where our thoughts go, creation follows. And, when we make conscious decisions about the direction of our thoughts, we are deliberately commanding the power of creation.

But in order to make our thoughts our own, we must be aware of the thoughts being offered by mind – and consciously choose whether to follow any of them.  Many of us have been so conditioned to notice what we find wanting that we must access imagination to offer thoughts independent of what we are programmed to receive from mind.

The creative force is limitless possibilities. The more Joyfully we focus upon whatever we personally find beautiful, the more prominent beauty presents itself in our experience; and the more our ideas of beauty are created for the world.

Make your thoughts an offering that resonates with those possibilities that are the most beautiful from your point of view, and create a more beautiful reality now.

Hope Johnson offers guidance and intuitive tools that facilitate awakening and enlightenment. Please email her for more information

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