Being Loved

People in your experience may think you’re special, not because you are special, but because they recognize what they like about their self within their perception of you, and that makes them feel special. There is only one being, and every self is a miraculous instance of that being – but no self special.

As soon as you start believing thoughts about having to be or do something special in order to deserve someone’s attention and/or affection, your energy becomes manipulative, which creates difficulty in your relations as a result thereof.

Specifically, when you are in resistance to who you have become according to thought, your energy attracts ‘others’ who appear to want you to control your self – because your perception of them can only reflect your own state of mind.   Most people take this appearance as true and constantly try to control their self in order to project whatever they think will garner affection from the ‘other’.

When you are self blinded in this way, you cannot recognize the value in relating with those who would adore you as you are, because your energy is seeking the ones who match your own perceived need for self control.

While the self changes naturally through the evolution of consciousness, mental manipulation of self leads to inauthenticity, resentment and generally unhappy relations. Indeed, a controlled mental state keeps your energy affixed to a pattern of needing to be something else – which effectively prevents your personality from becoming more fully ‘who you are’, thus confining you to an unending cycle of discontent and conflicted relations.

Who you have become according to thought is precisely the part you are meant to play within the fabric of what is. By allowing your self to be natural, you not only attract people who reflect acceptance for your present state of being, but you allow the transcendence of your energy to lighter states of being.

You are infinitely loved and appreciated just as you are. Not everyOne will find this attractive, but to the extent you accept your present state, your experience is filled with those who reflect that acceptance to you.

All you can be is as you are Now, and when you perceive any pressure to change or control your self, that’s your opportunity to observe what you’re thinking and feeling while recognizing the perfection of your beingness. In time, you will notice that you are more consistently in the presence of those who adore you, and that your energy is evolving beautifully through no effort on your part.

Hope Johnson offers guidance and intuitive tools that facilitate awakening and enlightenment. Please email her for more information, or register to attend one of her upcoming retreats Here.

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  1. Tigmonk
    August 10, 2011

    Omg Hope. I’m speechless… other than, “sooo yummy.”

    Your ability to communicate the movement of the unknown within us, is refreshingly breathtaking.

    Cheers to your conscious unfolding/sharing

    With Infinite Love



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