Beyond Illusion

Beyond Illusion

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Jesus is a being in existence who had a life experience, while God is existence itself. Just like all people, Jesus was both human and being. Our human aspect is created and sustained by God, while our being aspect is God's presence. Without both aspects, there could be no life experience.

God is the same one who creates, sustains and observes the experience of everything in creation. Everything that is not human is perfectly comfortable being unified with existence, but the human ego is so attached to the physical/material self that as soon as our minds develop beyond infancy, we have great difficulty seeing ourselves as anything but separate from God, each other and everything else.

The entire material world exists in our perception. Our material self aka ego determines which experiences we will have based upon the thought energy we project, while our spiritual aspect observes and orchestrates the events and circumstances of our life for the highest and best interest of our being (which is not separate from existence).

Notice that according to the Christian belief system, Jesus is God. Thus seeing Jesus in anyone would be the same as seeing God in them. Even this belief makes it plain that our inner essence is God - but the manipulative mind keeps us so bound to delusion that we cannot see the true reality even when it is in plain sight.

It is this delusion that is the cause of all conflict amongst humans and between humans and other aspects of nature.

Jesus was a human who allowed his inner essence to be expressed more fully than most humans allow, because he developed his inner vision to see beyond mental illusion. In order for Jesus followers to get beyond mental illusion, they must go beyond what they know of Jesus and access their inner essence.  I'm sure Jesus was a great guy, but to follow him is really only following a mental concept of him - which is illusion, and we remain bound to illusion as long as we limit ourselves in this manner.

As long as we keep ourselves bound to the illusion of separation, our egos continue to project for what we consider "punishment" for our shared reality - while our spiritual aspect Joyfully creates the manifestation of whatever the ego projects. However, when we achieve the level of awareness whereby the ego recognizes our spiritual aspect (aka Godliness aka God essence) as our guiding Light, we are able to see and understand the mental patterns that create blessings - and send our thought energy there to create Heaven.

Until such time, religious believers and non-believers alike will continue to hate what the ego has created while projecting for more hateful manifestations in the world.

It takes great courage to be who we really are, but the benefits speak for themselves and they become readily apparent in our lives. Allow the real You to have presence in your life, and command creation accordingly.

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10 Responses to Beyond Illusion

  • Tom says:

    You quote,

    “I’m sure Jesus was a great guy, but to follow him is really only following a mental concept of him – which is illusion, and we remain bound to illusion as long as we limit ourselves in this manner.”

    Since I don’t know you personally, for me to follow any advise you give here on your site would be the exact same thing, “following a mental concept” of you, thus I would remain bound to illusion and thus limit myself to who and what I am.

    It was an interesting thought though!

    • Hope Johnson says:

      Thanks for your comment Tom. Please do not follow any of my “advice” – if you believe that is what I am giving. I’m not looking for followers or believers in me. I’m only inviting you access your inner intelligence and follow your inner guidance.

  • Kate says:

    We Christians live for god who guides us. We dont live for ourselves, like whatever you are.

    • Hope Johnson says:

      Hi Kate! Jesus makes a wonderful guide if we are attuned to our psychic abilities and are thus able to communicate with him directly. But Christians tend to follow a belief system that has been created by a political panel intent on conditioning the behavior of the masses, which has passed down for thousands of years. The mental habit patterns created through this conditioning gives us the perception that we are attaining spirituality while preventing us from expressing our true essence in this time-space reality.

  • Tom says:

    In asking me not to follow your advice you are giving it.

    • Hope Johnson says:

      Tom, your perception of me is entirely that – your perception. Whatever you want to believe I am doing is true for you, and I can only honor and respect that. Peace brother!!

      • Tom says:

        Okay, so that being said, this site is not really “the way to The Way” but is more just your way to The Way!?

        • Hope Johnson says:

          Tom, it’s up to everyone to find their own way. I can only point to your Divine essence, but you will have to shift your focus from my finger to beyond the constructs of mind in order to realize who you are.

  • Steve says:

    Excellent post Hope, and a joy to see like minds in process. As I refer to it, “perfection in process.” While I may not completely agree with every detail in your post, this in itself doesn’t matter. Our thought systems are very much in alignment. I found this page completely by accident (even though there are no accidents), and once you see my email address you’ll understand why. (-: Thank you for your conformation, and I know you’ll understand what I mean.

    Love and light,


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