Sick Feeling

People don't really make you sick...
That sick feeling is a Reflection of Belief that you are an autonomous creature with a will that's different from what is. 
Bless the messenger, and painful illusions will be resolved. 
Thank you! I love you!

Rude Kids and Teens

Kids and teenagers act rude when they feel pressured, controlled and mistrusted.  
Adults who have not accepted that they themselves are completely supported, free and trustworthy wish kids and teens would act differently.
And it's considered responsible according to…

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Spiritual Work

Spiritual work is an expression of belief in separate identity. 
There is nothing to work towards and the "worker" itself is merely a concept enslaved by self concepts. 
Enlightenment is not anyone's choice and it doesn't come to the one…

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Self Defense

If someone talks to you in a disrespectful or unloving manner, gratitude is there even in the midst of thoughts that want to defend yourself. 
There is no self to defend, plus defensiveness is a maker painful illusions. 
Go with…

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Aligned with Love

Suffering mind moves to nit pick people, disparage them and see them being corrected or punished for their words and actions. 
But whatever is done in the mind is done to the sense of self only...indeed the body burden associated…

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Without a Doubt

The creative principal loves you because you are really its source. Everything is because of you, and everything arises to serve you. 
Love is returned to the creative principal in the form of attention and is instantly made manifest in…

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Wanting for Nothing

Wanting and not wanting to want are both appearances that belong to an apparent individual.  
The one who knows every appearance as it rises and falls in consciousness is the only reality. 
Not one individual is separate from that…

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Love of Being

First comes belief in a separate self who acts autonomously and with free will...
...then comes knowledge of right and wrong...
...then comes guilt, shame and self punishment for all the ways the separate self appears to acts wrongly. 

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Joy of Being

Being is a constant joy and it's not one bit capable of creating misery; and Being is the only reality. 
Notwithstanding the Truth of Being, identification with "my truth", as in making personal the perception of likes, dislikes, desires, aversions,…

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Whatever says I am this or that is an illusion. 
I am (with nothing added onto it) is the creative principal and the essence of everything that appears to be. 
The wordless one who knows I Am is the only…

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