You haven’t forgotten your Self. Forgetfulness and remembrance relate to things that can be learned through worldly experience. 
But Self awareness is not anything that can be learned, remembered or forgotten; nor is it ever lacking. 
Self awareness is the simple truth of what’s effortlessly aware of everything that passes on the screen of consciousness. 
When Self awareness seems to be lost, forgotten or confusing, it’s only a temporary identification with passing things. 
What’s aware of apparent losing, forgetting, confusion, identification and all things that pass is only your Self. Nothing change that fact. 
But it’s up to you to stand up for your Self! Do not permit your Self to be counted as one who’s capable of forgetting what’s aware of your mind, and you will not be susceptible to suffering of any kind. 
Thank you for the constant awareness and ecstasy that you be! I love you!

One Life

Lifetimes, Past lives, separate lives, ancestral lives and future lives are all time-bound figments of the imagination. 
There is only one life being lived by consciousness/God through a multiplicity of self emanations that can be called souls. 
Like consciousness, souls are immortal, but their source is consciousness…souls do not have any life of their own. 
What witnesses the play of consciousness through awareness of soul perception does not live, but it is the reason for living and the only reality. You are that reality. 
The end of time is not the end of living. It’s the end of living as one who suffers the pretense of being separate and bound by time. 
Thank you for the timeless essence that you be! I love you! 

Other People’s Negativity

To perceive that it’s possible to take on another person’s “stuff” or to be affected by their negativity, there must be beLIEf that guilt is real. 
Everything that occurs to you is a projection of mind. But it’s not personal because you are not the mind, nor are you any of the images occurring within the mind. 
Whatever other people seem to say or do to you is a miracle for you to behold. If you make anything out to be a burden, it becomes so…but only as a temporary perception. 
And guess what? The more you pursue thoughts that aggrandize yourself for avoiding other people’s issues, the more the concept of guilt is being affirmed for you….and the more “work” you will be made to do in order to uphold the self righteous posture you have taken in thought. 
Simply acknowledge that whatever negativity or mental baggage you perceive belongs to nobody. This can prove to be difficult at first, but it gets easier, I promise. Just don’t give up!
Through acknowledgment of what’s really true, the mind will naturally develop the capacity to offer up perceptions of guilty illusions to be healed in your luminous sight. 
Healing is natural for you. No method is necessary. By your choice to acknowledge the source of perception, perception gets purified…and the action of pure perception is to recognize and forgive guilty beLIEfs upon which guilty illusions are based. 
Forgiveness like this equals real healing. All other forms of healing are like magic tricks that substitute one illusion for another, and only appear to make life more bearable for a little while. 
When all matters of guilt are forgiven, everybody will be as one harmonious being, and even the idea of forgiveness will be forgotten. 
Thank you the luminous sight that you bear! I love you! 

Mean People

Confusion and fear is what makes people talk mean to you and point out deficiencies that they think they see in you. 
When a mind takes personhood to be a reality, the affected person can’t help but take things personal and make personal attacks. 
But whatever they say about you is really not one bit personal. It’s just patterns of painful beLIEFs being played out. 
Acknowledge what’s really going on, and instead of taking it personal, you will naturally show them what it means to love one another. 
If you take mean behavior personal, it validates the belief that people are separate from their source, and multiplies illusions of fear and confusion in the collective mind. 
Bless those who seem to hate you. Everything is playing out for purpose of total illumination of the mind and liberation for all beings. 
Every eye will see! 
Thank you for being the clarity that can penetrate through all matters of fear and confusion! I love you!

The Gift

If you insist on worshipping guilty illusions that crop up in the world, humans will appear filthy and atrocious in your sight. 
That will make you feel angry and disgusted, and as long as you allow those feelings to rule your mind you will be made to work very hard try and attain the innocence that you thought you lost.
But innocence cannot ever be lost. It’s only been an ignorant and fearful journey in thought that has led to the hellish manifestations that appear in the world. 
There’s no work that has to be done by you to correct the world. The manifest world is the working of consciousness, and people are part of that working….like puppets on strings. 
There are no individuals doing things…although that is a very convincing illusion. 
Turn your gaze again and again toward the peace and innocence that’s the core of who you are…this will purify your mind, and pure action will naturally become the gift that you share with the world. 
Thank you for the Gift of You! I love you!

Forgiveness of Guilt

You have done nothing to cause the situation you find yourself in. In fact, the idea that you do anything at all is a total lie.  
When the idea is beLIEved it leads to alternating feelings of pride and shame…which are both equally rooted in guilty programming. 
On the surface, people do things that bring about certain results, but you are not a person. The person is like a character that’s occurring to you in a dream. 
You have absolutely no control over what the person does, how the person behaves, what ailments befall the person etc. 
What you do have is a choice whether to worship the witnessing presence within you or to worship illusions. You are always worshipping one or the other, but never both in the same instance. 
Most human beings are committed to worshipping illusions, but that’s only because they are afraid of losing what they’ve made themselves and the world out to be. 
It’s up to you to hold your ground and not get sucked in to the illusions held so tightly by worldly humans. Don’t worry if you fall under the spell of mental programming either. 
No matter what, You have the choice to return to the state of grace again and again. It’s so simple…just pay attention to the presence that’s witnessing the dream of you and your imagined world. 
Naturally feelings of pride and shame will come to have no meaning for you…and without guilty feelings dictating your behavior, an opening is created whereby the mind-body becomes the vehicle for loving kindness to be shared in the dream world. 
This is true service, very much unlike the ideas the guilty mind makes up about worldly duties it has to perform. 
Forgiveness of guilty dreams and all of their manifestations can ONLY happen through focused commitment to the witnessing principal that’s truly who you are. 
Thank you for being the answer to a world made of guilty dreams! I love you!

How to Pray

A prayer for anything of this world is really an exercise in vanity. 
Prayer always works too, although not always in the way it’s expected…
Vain perceptions are added onto the one who prays for things of this world, which leaves the confused mind unsatisfied and always hungry for more. 
The one who knows the mind also knows all desires that arise in the mind, and provides exactly what’s needed for the mind to grow in love, peace and compassion. Thus is the Divine Will for humanity. 
A prayer for worldly outcomes is really a confused attempt to deny Divine Will, and get what seems to be wanted in confusion instead. 
The prayer of vanity is also necessary for the mind that’s unprepared to recognize that personhood is an illusion, and that only Divine Will is of any value. 
In fact for the ignorant, vain prayer helps to release some suffering. But for the one who understands the value of Divine Will, such a defiant prayer causes suffering to multiply. 
If you are open to the kind of prayer that asks for Full release from resistance to Divine Will and suffering, only pray for the mind’s judgments to be forgiven. 
Ask and it will be given…
Notice that confused mind repeatedly asks for a better illusion while denying the hearts true desire…which is to be released from the dominion of confused mind and All of its illusions. 
True prayer is worshipping the one who knows your mind with all your heart, and without ceasing…despite temptations in the form of wants, needs and desires that arise in the mind. 
True prayer leads to realization of the perfect peace and infinite freedom that you already are…and along the way love flourishes and the heart bubbles with joy. 
Thank you for being the answer to every prayer. I love you!

Peace with Disease

Apparently my body is down with adrenal and thyroid deficiency, and least that’s what the test results show. My heart also seems to be working much harder than usual. 
I find myself laying down a lot since getting up makes me feel faint. I’m also experiencing nausea and bodily pains. 
I’ve been fasting on Tony’s homemade chicken broth, water and a little raw kefir, plus taking some supplements prescribed by an adorable ND. 
I don’t know when and if my body will recover, but I’m sure getting some awesome care, and I’m laying around in some super luxurious silk pajamas.
I’ve also been playing my harp whenever there is energy and inspiration for it. 
Please do Not pray for my body to recover or get well. Even as apparently healthy choices are being made through me and I seem to be on the road to recovery/wellness, I’m not asking for anything to happen. 
If you would like to pray about it, I ask that you pray for forgiveness of judgment. 
Please don’t judge yourself by praying for me to be better than your perception of me right now. Doing so only defiles the mind and multiplies appearances of bodies that get diseased, bleed and die. 
If it’s the will of consciousness/God, this body will recover. If not it won’t. It makes no difference to me. 
Illness really happens to nobody, and there is nobody here to mind it one bit. The appearance of my body is being enjoyed even while lying on its back and even when writhing in pain. 
For me, nothing is happening, except witnessing the presence of awareness and receiving/sharing the love that’s the source of all…this is the body’s true purpose, and it can be fulfilled in every instant irrespective of apparent physical health or dis-ease. 
I am perfect peace, and nothing can weaken or harm Me. 
With fragrant lavender blessings!

Destroyer of Dreams

States of health and disease occur to individuals living in a dream world.
Yet the dreamer itself is not an individual, but mind operating under a concept of fear. 
States of physical health and disease alike occur to apparent people being made to play out delusional states of mind.  
No one is responsible for any state of mind, and no cure for the changing states will ever be available within the dream. 
But no matter what happens to and through individuals in the dream, the fact remains that nothing of the dream, including the individuals themselves are real. 
Individual characters in the dream are driven to want health and to avoid disease….which is perfectly natural and intelligent in its design to drive mental energies toward survival…even though individual death is inevitable. 
Indeed, it is only through individual experience that apperception of truth within a dream world can happen.  
Once said apperception happens, feeling sensations such as anger, frustration, pride, fear, hope, love etc. are no longer resisted or pursued with self aggrandizing thought….
…and thus illusions of a suffering world are released by the frequency of pure Love as it’s projected through the individual mind-body.
Through grace and presence to the truth, the dream world is to be destroyed…basically erasing the need for illusions that deny eternal life. 
Thank you for being the destroyer of dreams! I love you!!

An Invitation to Freedom

Come out of prison, dear friend. You are free now and have always been free. 
Prison is a choice that you make through beLIEving that you are an individual reacting to a world made of thought. 
At first you were conscious of the game you were playing…you knew it was impossible to lose your own Self. But as the Self denying thoughts continued to add up, the choice became an unconscious one. 
At this point you might think that your life is set up to deny your true identity and that you are stuck. Perhaps you’ve made commitments to your fellow inmates to keep working toward freedom under the pretense that you are not already free.  
But that doesn’t change the fact that you ARE already free, and that nothing can prevent you from choosing eternal life over the dream of death in this instant. 
The chains that seem to bind you might as well be made of dust, as they are nothing but thought that you keep choosing to take as truth. 
There is nothing at all holding you back. Come on out if you have grown weary of pretending to be what you are not. 
As always, the choice is yours.