Food for Thought


True humility is not like a possession that you choose to have. It’s the natural result of SEEing that everything is really You in disguise. 

Lost Children

It’s no surprise that people try to make other people feel small and limited. 
That’s how people Feel when they beLIEve the body’s senses…and people cannot help but project how they feel. 
Let them be forgiven. Like lost little children,…

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Hurtful Words

Whatever you seem to say to others, you are really saying to yourSelf. 
If you take a moment to feel the effects of words before you speak them, you will be less likely to say hurtful things. 

Destiny of Destruction

The dream world is destined not to be saved, but to be destroyed…
…just as soon as every character in the dream world apperceives that they never existed in the first place. 
Every eye will see! Hooray!

Sick Feeling

People don’t really make you sick…
That sick feeling is a Reflection of Belief that you are an autonomous creature with a will that’s different from what is. 
Bless the messenger, and painful illusions will be resolved. 
Thank you! I love you!

Self Defense

If someone talks to you in a disrespectful or unloving manner, gratitude is there even in the midst of thoughts that want to defend yourself. 
There is no self to defend, plus defensiveness is a maker painful illusions. 
Go with…

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Whatever says I am this or that is an illusion. 
I am (with nothing added onto it) is the creative principal and the essence of everything that appears to be. 
The wordless one who knows I Am is the only…

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Slow Down

Hurried, rushed or overwhelmed feeling indicate that time is being used to make more illusions. 
Let these feelings be an invitation to slow down and contemplate the intended purpose of time. 
Thank you! I love you!


If you find yourself wanting for anything, it’s only because consciousness is operating under a mistaken version of reality. 
You want for nothing. Wanting is only an appearance within a dream of separation. 
Thank you! I love you!!

God is Pure Mind

When I speak of God, I’m speaking of pure mind….whose expression is only Love, unaffected by insane human beliefs.

God is not above anyone, but within them. Pure awareness is the true identity of all beings. Receiving and sharing God’s…

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