There’s no him, her, or them to forgive.

True forgiveness is recognizing that every action is an expression of our own mind and that no one can act separately.

No pardon is necessary because there’s nothing to pardon.


Mind has been made vulnerable to feelings that lack joy/peace/love only because of beLIEf in thoughts that deny who you are. 
Mind has become addicted to defending what it thinks to be true by making people, places and things responsible…

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Guide and Protector

No one experiences this world without the intuitive pang of knowing that the mind was NOT created to live in a world where things like suffering, disease and death are “normal” occurrences. 
Not having the benefit of Your guidance and…

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Hope for All

Hope for anything of this world is really Self doubt in disguise. 
This is not to say that anyone needs to try not to hope, as no one is really hoping in the first place. 
The confused mind hopes for…

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One Life

Lifetimes, Past lives, separate lives, ancestral lives and future lives are all time-bound figments of the imagination. 
There is only one life being lived by consciousness/God through a multiplicity of self emanations that can be called souls. 
Like consciousness, souls…

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Forgiveness of Guilt

You have done nothing to cause the situation you find yourself in. In fact, the idea that you do anything at all is a total lie.  
When the idea is beLIEved it leads to alternating feelings of pride and…

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Dismissing Thought

Thoughts are programmed. They are meant to make you live out a fate that was instilled at your apparent birth.
As thoughts are presented to your awareness, you have the choice to dismiss them and live spontaneously. 
Said dismissal can…

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An Invitation to Freedom

Come out of prison, dear friend. You are free now and have always been free. 
Prison is a choice that you make through beLIEving that you are an individual reacting to a world made of thought. 
At first you were…

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Reactions are Perceptions

Ego is naturally afraid of its own reactions, like an innocent and fearful child. But YOU are the one who knows both reactions and ego. 
Reactions are perceptions, and there is no choice in what’s being perceived on the screen…

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Enjoy Ego Function

As soon as the lips speak the words “I’m not attached” with belief that un-attachment is the desired state, the concept of being someone who suffers is consecrated in the mind. 
Attachment and un-attachment are equal happenings that occur spontaneously…

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