Universal Expression

Akee Tree at our Retreat Center in Hawaii

Akee Tree at our Retreat Center in Hawaii

The personal body and mind appear to be an individual expression, but it's really a dynamic expression of universal consciousness.
To place responsibility, blame or merit on an individual, is to put…

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Life Insight: Test the Heart’s Truth

Tigmonk: When you really see clearly that following your heart can’t be stopped by other people…

Hope: Yes.

Tigmonk: Uhm…there is like this deep drawing of sincerity

Hope: Yeah…

Tigmonk: Into, I wanna test that.

Hope: Yes….

Tigmonk: It’s like…

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Pleasure Seeking

Pleasure seeking is the path of self avoidance and suffering. But pleasure beyond imagination is to be realized in the space before any desire is formed in the mind.

Purifying Physical Illness

Physical illness is part of total health. There's so much resistance to physical illness that there is a whole industry trying to prevent it.

What's not recognized is that physical illness is a purification of the whole body/mind. It's an…

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When I suggest giving up the personal me, I'm not suggesting to pretend you don't have a body/mind that moves in this world and interacts with others. It's about giving up desires, concerns, judgments, worry, expectations, and every other idea…

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Pleasure Seekers

Pleasure seeking is the path of self avoidance and suffering.


e Komo Mai (Welcome) loneliness, depression, anxiety, worthlessness, anger and all other expressions of fear. In this space, you will be fully experienced. 


The experience and the experiencer are make believe. You are before these.

Lost Love

We miss people not because we love them. We miss people because we depend on them to fulfill a perceived insufficiency.

There is no loss in true love.


Whether one claims to be a believer or non-believer, it's the same thing. Idolatry of Thought is the issue in both cases.

True understanding is beyond Belief, and it's Given to the one listens to the words without collecting them.