When Unity was only a concept for me, it appeared that I needed to get other people on board with that concept.

But now that Unity has permeated my mind, it's clear that nothing else is needed. 

Ego is No Problem

Ego is not a problem for me. But ego that runs me without the overview of my love can sure make illusions of problems seem real.


Forgiveness is not Permissive

Just because I can allow forgiveness for any and all trespasses, it doesn't meanPhoto Jun 21, 6 57 57 AM that I've become permissive.

For instance, when I believed that my mom's ex-partner was unforgivable for having sexually violated me, that made me into a victim/survivor.…

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Other People’s Judgment

It's not that I don't care what people think of me. It's just that forgivenessOther People's Judgment absolves any fear of how I might receive their point of view.

Having received the gift of forgiveness, other people's points of view are important and…

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Yesterday I was hanging out nibbling on some jelly beans when I offered some to a few of my friends who were sitting nearby. Both of them told me that they used to eat jelly beans, but it's something they…

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Perception and Judgment

Yesterday I went hiking in a bathing suit and hiking boots. I thought the combo looked funny, but I decided I didn't mind.

When I mentioned that the bathing suit and hiking boots look funny, someone told me that was…

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I value making room for exactly what's coming up. If negativity is coming up, then for me, it's there to be experienced exactly as it is. In my experience, this is how experience is integrated, and intuition is allowed to…

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The Experience of Challenge

The experience of being challenged is only a challenge to your conditioning - the ideas upon which your sense of self is made up.

But you are never challenged directly, and when this is recognized in the midst of challenging…

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Universal Expression

Akee Tree at our Retreat Center in Hawaii

Akee Tree at our Retreat Center in Hawaii

The personal body and mind appear to be an individual expression, but it's really a dynamic expression of universal consciousness.
To place responsibility, blame or merit on an individual, is to put…

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Life Insight: Test the Heart’s Truth

Tigmonk: When you really see clearly that following your heart can’t be stopped by other people…

Hope: Yes.

Tigmonk: Uhm…there is like this deep drawing of sincerity

Hope: Yeah…

Tigmonk: Into, I wanna test that.

Hope: Yes….

Tigmonk: It’s like…

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