Without a Doubt

The creative principal loves you because you are really its source. Everything is because of you, and everything arises to serve you. 
Love is returned to the creative principal in the form of attention and is instantly made manifest in the world of mind. 
Attention to illusions makes more illusions, but attention to the unchanging witness of all happenings relieves all matters of discontent, struggle and suffering. 
Nobody has to struggle, suffer or experience discontent…
But the fact is that confused mind wants the mind’s world and not reality. It jealously refuses to give itself over to the creative principal for fear of losing its identity….an identity which is only fleeting and that will surely die. 
Indeed, it’s impossible to see from the perspective of a person that eternal life is way more valuable than the little life that’s passing on the screen of consciousness.
It’s the one who knows the personal perspective that knows no doubt. That one is truly your Self. 
Thank you for being undeniably who you are! I love you!

Wanting for Nothing

Wanting and not wanting to want are both appearances that belong to an apparent individual.  
The one who knows every appearance as it rises and falls in consciousness is the only reality. 
Not one individual is separate from that which moves and breathes the apparent individual and all of its perceptions…
The individual is only a dreamer within a dream…All of which is supported and sustained by your attention. 
Thank you for the Life that you give! I love you!

Love of Being

First comes belief in a separate self who acts autonomously and with free will…
…then comes knowledge of right and wrong…
…then comes guilt, shame and self punishment for all the ways the separate self appears to acts wrongly. 
Nobody needs to be burdened like this…
…because everybody is really one body, appearing through love of Being, and reflecting one mind. 
Imagine what the reflection will look like when love of Being is accepted for everybody. 
Thank you! I love you!!

Joy of Being

Being is a constant joy and it’s not one bit capable of creating misery; and Being is the only reality. 
Notwithstanding the Truth of Being, identification with “my truth”, as in making personal the perception of likes, dislikes, desires, aversions, wants and not wanted makes people feel angry and sets the stage for illusions of misery.  
Everything is made of thought, but Being is not a thought. Neither is Being anything that wants thought, or that wants to avoid thought. 
Being is witnessing thought, and in the instant its recognized that no thought is really about Being, all matters of misery evaporate at their mental roots….leaving only Joy of Being. 
Thank you for the joyful presence that you Be. I love you!

Mistake is Impossible

Mistakes are judgments about action, behavior or performance…all of which are the sole responsibility of the creative principal…which does not make mistakes.  
Nevertheless, the confused mind collects evidence in the illusion that good results come from identifying mistakes and then correcting them….even though the process happens naturally, through the senses.  
A mind that thinks mistakes are made also thinks that people make mistakes, and that people can correct them…it denies creativity and loving kindness; and sows seeds of violence within itself. 
…Behind the surface perception of a responsible and effective mind, guilty thoughts multiply in the subconscious realm, gathering energy until they have enough force to possess the mind and cause people to act violently toward themselves and other people.  
Have you experienced enough guilty consciousness already? Then find out who/what is unwilling to sacrifice the burden of self responsibility because it’s afraid of losing itself. 
You are magnificent and free. There are no limits to your love. 
Thank you! I love you!!

Stories are not True

Whatever is uttered forth by your mouth is because of consciousness. With every word, consciousness tells a story about a person. 
You are the one watching consciousness pretend to be a person with a story, but you have no words and no story. 
This pretending would not be any cause for suffering, except that in most cases, consciousness operates under the belief that the person it made up is real and true. 
Watch the play of consciousness and self beliefs will collapse into joy of being. 
Thank you! I love you!

No Mistake is Real

Mind, operating under the delusion of separation, thinks that it can become a master. 

To so become, the mind identifies mistakes, and then seeks to avoid, correct or overcome them.

The only trouble with this game is that the more mistakes are identified, the more mistakes are experienced…which makes perfection seem ever so elusive. 

But You are before and beyond perfect/imperfect…even in the illusion of time…and even when your consciousness contracts under the belief that mistakes are possible for yourself or anybody else. 

Even the idea of mistakes being possible isn’t a mistake. It’s the will of consciousness/God to find out through suffering that judgments are futile and the imaginary self is impotent. 
Every fearful illusion is exposed and all veils are penetrated by the light of your love. 

Thank you for being so brilliant! I love you!!

The Body is An Illusion

The body itself is a sick illusion…it’s “proof” that fear is real and death is inevitable.

But the awareness that shines through the body is the light of the whole world.

It’s the same awareness that washes away dreams of death and disease the instant the mind loses interest in defending their reality.

Thank you! I love you!!

Earth Cannot be Owned

Earth cannot really be owned. Property title may create a very convincing illusion of ownership, but that illusion can only continue for as long as there is division in the mind. 

Moreover, the only kind of security that comes from personal ownership of property is a false sense of security in worldly things. 
In reality, all struggle comes from thinking that separation is real, and no matter how much is done to get security and avoid struggle, life will continue to being whatever is necessary to reveal that separation is an illusion. 
The more there is willingness to have everything come and go exactly as it does, the more ease and grace is allowed to be experienced and shared with all beings. 
Love and abundant blessings!


I Am

I am the reality before the illusion. It is within my light that this thought form can sense itself as an individual with the ability to share this message. . 

Like all people, she is made of thought patterns that have been changing and shifting in the mind since long before she apparently arrived on this planet. She is the filter through which my light projects everything she perceives.   

Thoughts of self doubt are not relevant for her because she recognizes that herself and her life are a temporary extension of Me. Yet she acknowledges sensations of self doubt when they arise, and she bears witness as my light burns away mistaken thought patterns that make self doubt seem possible for anyone. 

Manifestations don’t matter to her. She depends only upon Me in all circumstances, and she doesn’t pretend to need anything from this illusory world. 

She is exuberant and free because she’s not capable of holding any cares, worries, doubt, hatred or fear.

She is the seed of a world that’s been longed for since the beginning of time…a harmonious realm where all beings know Me and all beings are happy and free. 

Her human body will perish, but her thoughts of Me will remain in the mind until everyone who seems to be lost has found their way Home.