Health & Beauty

Feeding the Body

For the past few years I have not been subscribing to any diet regimen or food concepts.

When hunger arises, I simply observe what available foods resonate most with my body and then I eat with reverence, gratitude and joy according to her wisdom.

The Process of Dis-ease

The body/mind receives and assimilates life affirming information through the process of dis-ease.

Don't buy into the endless mental trapping of "why" and "how". Just experience the process, and let healing happen.

Life is Endless

Life is Endless and You are Eternal. Your body is not yours. It belongs to the All. To try and save the body or secure a future for the body is to deny the soul's desire to love and play…

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Intuitive Eating

I enjoy my food and drink to the fullest, which makes it incredibly healthy and nutritious for my body. Unless I'm concerned about what the mind thinks I *should* or *should not* eat, my body's intuitive wisdom leads me to…

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Dieting Secret

Diets are dogma. They use logic to create a habit that's supposed to make the body healthy.

This is a very poor substitute for Listening to the body's immediate response to whatever is taken in, and allowing that wisdom to…

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Purifying Physical Illness

Physical illness is part of total health. There's so much resistance to physical illness that there is a whole industry trying to prevent it.

What's not recognized is that physical illness is a purification of the whole body/mind. It's an…

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Inflammation & Essential Oils

Inflammation leads to heart disease, not Cholesterol levels; and the leading cause of inflammation is stress...

Pure Essential Oils coupled with a diet that contains plenty of saturated fats from grass fed animals is a formula that alleviates stress -…

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How Essential Oils Work

Pure Essential Oils appear to be biological messengers. Specifically, new research reveals that the volatile liquid contained in plants consists of micro molecules that can permeate our cells and deliver guidance, via their chemical properties, toward vibrant health, emotional harmony,…

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How to Use Essential Oils


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Note: The dosages that follow are for adults only. Essential Oils can be used for children, but only in very small dosages, and some essential oils are not suitable for…

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The ultimate youth and vitality 'treatment' is to feel beautiful. This is because each of the trillions of cells that make up your physical structure contain receptors that respond to the vibration of your thoughts.

Go ahead and allow your…

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