Rude Kids and Teens

Kids and teenagers act rude when they feel pressured, controlled and mistrusted.  
Adults who have not accepted that they themselves are completely supported, free and trustworthy wish kids and teens would act differently.
And it’s considered responsible according to…

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Kids and Respect – Part 2

Respect. It’s what parents think they want from their kids.


So, one might ask, “how do I get respect from my kids without demanding it”? But even that is nothing more than an attempt to gain a survival skill…

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Kids and Respect – Part 1

As soon as a child is able to exercise natural free will, they are trained by parents, family members, teachers and even random people to “show” respect–to whomever. On the surface that seems innocent, even just, however peeling away the…

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Freedom of Choice

It’s simply insane – the belief that the Child needs discipline, pressure and/or manipulation in order to be deserving of love. What’s really desired for the child is Freedom – the same Freedom our Free Spirit desires for ourselves –…

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Loving Children

Children raised in loving acceptance for all of their behavior become grown ups who don’t need to steal, harm, etc…because they feel complete within themselves.

This is quite a bit different than refraining from criminal activity because of boundaries imposed…

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When we make other people follow our rules for living, we create suffering for everyone. NoBody, not children, employees, countries, the self etc. deserve to have discipline imposed upon them.

Commitment to live the virtues of Love is born out…

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Familial Obligations

All obligations are made up, including Familial Obligations.

To the extent you feel obligated to make your family members happy with you, your own experience of enjoyment is being resisted. Likewise, to the extent you expect your family members to…

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The Child has Come

The Child has Come to Lead the Way toward Your Heart’s Desires. But the Mind-Made self wants to Condition the Child to Carry Your Fears Forward, and thereby Resist this Movement.To Let the Child BE, Simply stop buying into thoughts…

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Parents Frustrated with Wiggly Kids

Here’s a response I wrote in response to a reporter’s questions at

What do you know about a parent’s frustration with wiggly kids? Parents who are frustrated with wiggly kids hold a belief that kids should not wiggle…

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Essential Oil for Children

Babies and children have an especially sensitive sense of smell.  Therapeutic essential oils are very potent and should not be administered around children’s face/nose.  It takes only six weeks for babies to recognize their mother’s scent and distinguish between their…

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