You don’t need obligation for anything other than to realize how obligation feels – and that the feeling is born out of a false story that’s leading you away from that which is Desired.

Commitment, on the other hand, is a distinct energy. It comes out of passion and inspiration to move in the direction of Desire, and it brings fulfillment without having achieved any outcome.

Commitment will only evolve into Obligation to help you realize that you are no longer moving in the direction of Desire – even if all logical reason says that you are.

To bring about more of what’s really Desired in this moment, simply Notice whatever is Obligating you with Willingness to see other options.

Elimination Communication

Here’s a few books recommended by Ano – founder of sustainable community, GaiaYoga – when I interviewed him about natural potty training, or what he calls ‘Elimination Communication’. Click Here to see the video.