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Nothing has gone wrong, and there's no self to be forgiven. Forgiveness is what happens when beliefs based on the idea of a separate self are recognized as FALSE.


It's all being made out of imagination.

If you imagine that anything or anyone has power over you, just be willing to imagine another reality - so that your creative spirit can move in your consciousness and show you the Way.


You don't need obligation for anything other than to realize how obligation feels - and that the feeling is born out of a false story that's leading you away from that which is Desired.

Commitment, on the other hand, is…

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When you are so concerned with changing other people's actions, you multiply the feeling of dis-ease for your own self and for the Whole. Just STOP that!! ...If you want to...Haha!! ♥

Elimination Communication

Here's a few books recommended by Ano - founder of sustainable community, GaiaYoga - when I interviewed him about natural potty training, or what he calls 'Elimination Communication'. Click Here to see the video.

True Vision

How you see it makes all the difference. Relax the muscles around the eyes to soften your gaze and allow the true You to be presently present.

Releasing Energy Blockages

Thought creates immediate energy blockages in the body. If blocked energy is not released, it leads to mental and physical dis-ease. Remember to pause between thoughts, focus on breathing slow, and send the breath all the way to the pelvic…

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Quick Tip: Tonic

Tonic is agreat detoxer, digestive tonic and beautifier. It's perfect first thing in the morning.

How To: Mix 2 cups natural mineral water or Roxtract water, 2 TBS raw Apple Cider Vinegar, the juice of 1 lime, 1 TBS unheated honey. Enjoy!