Impressed by Fear

Try as they might, people impressed by fear feverishly seek to impress me with warnings of fearful things to come. To me they are like frightened little children living out their best interpretation of what it means to love.


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Codependent Relationships

I'm aware of many people in romantic relationships, especially women, who are willing to settle for a partner who is incapable of treating them well.

Most often said willingness is justified by the idea that it's their purpose to help…

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Great Comforter

Angry, sad, violent, frustrated, blameful or stressed mind is a reflection of childhood fear. Whether childhood fear comes up through myself or another person I'm aware that it's a cry for comfort, and I'm also aware that the Great Comforter…

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I've discovered that vanity has nothing to do with admiring my reflection, posing for photos, or adorning my body with lovely things.

For me, vanity is believing that other people should be more like me, as if there's something wrong…

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Fulfilling Relationship

I knew early on that being in a romantic relationship with a man was not going to fulfill me. Once I knew that, I became very attractive to men...

I have seen that the “normal” way women go about it…

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True to Love

I am willing to give up relationships again and again. I must be true only to the spirit that gives life to myself, lest I find myself trying to be what other people expect me to be instead.

Illusions of Self Worth

DCIM102GOPROMajor illusions around self worth have been coming up for me over the past few days. Mahalo to everyone who has given their self worth ideas over to me for reconciliation.

As some of you may know, I am hosting…

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Perception of Blame

I have no typical response to feeling blamed. I only allow myself to experience the feeling, and bear witness to whatever response arises through myself and through the others in my field of perception.

Through faith in miracles of healing…

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I cannot bring myself to make fault for anyone who lacks accountability in my perception. Indeed, that would make myself a servant to illusions of fault and thereby unaccountable to the state of innocence that I know to be true.

No Fault

In my view, nobody is ever at fault. That's why I'm invulnerable to victim mentality and abusiveness in my relationships.

I notice that when my mind is not preoccupied with who's at fault, who might be at fault, or trying…

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