Creativity is Not a Discipline

Disciplined behavior is an example of the mind trying to do God's job.

It can only make the kind of results that come out of self importance - which inevitably require greater and greater effort and control to uphold.


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Clear Communication

What makes communication difficult is the need to achieve an outcome or have expectations met. Clear communication is the effortless expression of understanding that there is no real purpose for communicating aside from sharing Love.

Relationships Reflect – “Reflectionships”

Relationships are only meant to lead to the recognition of your Self - sort of like a game of hide and seek. The more you discover your Self, the sweeter relationships become.

Simply giving up all relationships allows your energy…

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Feeling Your Eternal Well-Being

If you experience frustration or other emotional upset because people don't appreciate what you do, it's only because you believe your well being depends on whether other people value and appreciate your works.

Basically, people are responding to your sense…

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Love Relationships

Love that pretends to need another person is not love at all. It's resistance to love - a sad illusion that the common relationship is based upon.


It's never anyone's fault. The mind makes up blame-ful stories to satisfy the ego, while Destiny plays out in exactly the way it's meant to.


Limitless creativity and abundance are inherent aspects of the Love that you are.

However, you place limits on these aspects while you seek to get something out of sharing this Love, and through your seeking to parlay your sharing into…

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Sexual Relations

There is nothing right or wrong about how we choose to relate sexually with people. There are just our desires and whether we honor them or deny them.

When we do not honor our desire to be loved, adored and…

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It's not necessary to follow thoughts that make people out to be ugly. Give those thoughts up to make space for more love, compassion and enjoyment.


The only thing that would make communication feel difficult is the idea that we must win and not lose. If we're willing to give that up completely, our communications will be transformed into playful expressions of One Love.