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Help Me Jesus

"Help me Jesus" is a thought that I've found myself giving attention toward - even while there was consciousness of the fact that Jesus is not a separate entity who can really offer me any assistance. 

At times, when I…

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God is Pure Mind

When I speak of God, I'm speaking of pure mind....whose expression is only Love, unaffected by insane human beliefs.

God is not above anyone, but within them. Pure awareness is the true identity of all beings. Receiving and sharing God's…

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Punishment from God

It's a grave error to think that any happening of this world is punishment from God. God's punishment is experienced as present moment suffering... And even this is not really punishment at all.

Suffering is God's message that the mind…

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Religious Fanaticism vs Aversion

Religious fanaticism and religious aversion are two sides of the same thread of conflict. I'm aware of this because I have experience in playing both sides in this lifetime.

But I have found there is no trace of conflict in…

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God’s Gift

Forgiveness through our Awareness of the world is God's Gift to the world. But wanting for Gifts of this world and within life circumstances only resists God's Gift of Forgiveness - which in turn condemns the world to suffering.


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Anger is God's invitation to give up Guilt, if not for ourselves, for our children - who witness the effects of our Guilt and automatically inherit the illusions we make.

Guilt is Hell

Guilt is Hell. The guilty operate under the false idea that their salvation lies in giving guilt away.

Bless these teachers of sin. Your blessing is their saving grace, and yours.

Heaven is the Only Truth

Heaven is the only Truth, but all attempts to replicate Heaven lead toward Hell-ish consequences.

The experience of Heaven on Earth is not only possible - it is our birthright. It happens effortlessly for the one who's willing to forgive…

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Heaven Here Now

Non-Heaven/anti-Christ is mind created. Heaven is so 'near', that it's right within us - the only place it will ever be. When mental judgments resolve, the Christ embodies the mind-created self, and Heaven reveals itself.

Christ is everyOne's true identity.…

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Wisdom of the World

Wisdom of this world is relatively relevant, but it's silliness to believe that anyThing will remain the same.

You are playing a part AND directing the ever changing and evolving story of Life. When you open up to possibilities that…

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