Help Me Jesus

“Help me Jesus” is a thought that I’ve found myself giving attention toward – even while there was consciousness of the fact that Jesus is not a separate entity who can really offer me any assistance. 

At times, when I couldn’t find the courage to go through all the sensations that were arising without paying allegiance to thoughts that seemed to attack myself and others, I called on the thoughts of Jesus – a pillar of love and compassion that my attention could possibly be moved toward.  

Help did come too…Whatever thought pattern seemed to have my attention instantly became irrelevant along with fear of experiencing the feelings that were alive for me. 

Somehow pursuing thoughts of confusion lost their significance, and there was a sense of compassion, comfort, courage and excitement about what was being exposed and purified through the body experience. 

The result has been simply miraculous in that ancient patterns of conflict and dis-ease have been replaced with compassion and healing no matter what’s being perceived. 

Thank you Jesus for the friend you are in me.

Punishment from God

It’s a grave error to think that any happening of this world is punishment from God. God’s punishment is experienced as present moment suffering… And even this is not really punishment at all.

Suffering is God’s message that the mind is focused on fearful things, and is being invited to repent or return to fearless appreciation for what is, what was and what is coming. To fear things of this world is to bring the wrath of suffering upon one self, but to surrender fear in the face of fearful things is to allow layers of pain and suffering to be washed away…and the original state of peace and harmony to be revealed.

So I beckon you in the words of Jesus the Christ to “Repent, the Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand”. To repent is simply to stop chasing the mind’s intrigues and pay attention to what you feel.

Abundant blessings!

Religious Fanaticism vs Aversion

Religious fanaticism and religious aversion are two sides of the same thread of conflict. I’m aware of this because I have experience in playing both sides in this lifetime.

But I have found there is no trace of conflict in the silent space that exists before the mind moves to imagine who God is, and what God wants.

And…I’m positive that this place of eternal peace is available to anyone who is willing to surrender thinking about God to feeling the I Am presence that moves and breathes the physical body.

Feeling is what’s really true…the rest is only a dream. This is ultimate ecstasy. You’re welcome to join me if you like.

In Joy!

God’s Gift

Forgiveness through our Awareness of the world is God’s Gift to the world. But wanting for Gifts of this world and within life circumstances only resists God’s Gift of Forgiveness – which in turn condemns the world to suffering.

The Time is Now to give up your grievances so that you may rest in the Truth of who you are. Blessed Be!

Heaven is the Only Truth

Heaven is the only Truth, but all attempts to replicate Heaven lead toward Hell-ish consequences.

The experience of Heaven on Earth is not only possible – it is our birthright. It happens effortlessly for the one who’s willing to forgive every idea about who they are and what’s true in this world.

Heaven Here Now

Non-Heaven/anti-Christ is mind created. Heaven is so ‘near’, that it’s right within us – the only place it will ever be. When mental judgments resolve, the Christ embodies the mind-created self, and Heaven reveals itself.

Christ is everyOne’s true identity. Beyond the illusion of separation, all is One and all is God.

Will you open your heart and allow your mind-created self to be a vessel for Christ’s second coming, or will you continue looking to ‘facts’ that tell you Heaven is in a future that will never be HereNow?