Am I Disrespectful?

At times people may see you as disrespectful toward them even though you had no such intention.

It doesn’t mean you’ve done anything wrong. It’s a depiction of how your mental energy is being interpreted.

Unless you are taking their perception of you personally or casting judgment on them for expressing their point of view, the mind is automatically learning to allow more loving kindness to be communicated through your expression.

But, if you get into spiritual dogma about how it’s all their perception, and you don’t care what anyone thinks – you are totally missing the lesson that comes through being perceived as disrespectful.

No Problem

You’ve got to be willing to understand that there are no problems before you can help to heal and beautify the world. Basically, the moment you put ANY belief in perceived problems, more problems are being made up.

That’s just how the mind works. All ifs, ands or buts about it are just foolish excuses to believe in problems.

Keep your attention rooted from the one who’s before problems, and there is truly no problem at all.