The Role of the Character

The character can never be responsible for the part it plays. At all times the character is being played by the One that’s real.

Whatever appears to be the character’s expression, it’s always the Real One expressing as the character; And every expression is the effect of where the Real One’s attention has already been in thought.

As attention is given to thoughts that pretend the character CAN get anything wrong, the character is made out to be condemnable, and its imaginary world reflects the same.

But, in the moment the Real One recognizes such an idea as untrue, the quality of attention changes, such that thoughts used to make up the character come to reflect the essence of the Real One – which is Love.

Naturally, a character made of Loving thought makes the whole play more Loving, not of the character’s own accord, but because the Real One’s attention is unhindered with belief in character responsibility.

Self Work

If you believe your self needs improvement, you will also experience many other people who appear to be in need of self improvement.

It’s all nonsense. Everyone is a perfect expression of Divinity, of course.

So, you’re welcome to laugh, play and have fun with whatever is showing up in your experience.