The Gift

If you insist on worshipping guilty illusions that crop up in the world, humans will appear filthy and atrocious in your sight. 
That will make you feel angry and disgusted, and as long as you allow those feelings to rule your mind you will be made to work very hard try and attain the innocence that you thought you lost.
But innocence cannot ever be lost. It’s only been an ignorant and fearful journey in thought that has led to the hellish manifestations that appear in the world. 
There’s no work that has to be done by you to correct the world. The manifest world is the working of consciousness, and people are part of that working….like puppets on strings. 
There are no individuals doing things…although that is a very convincing illusion. 
Turn your gaze again and again toward the peace and innocence that’s the core of who you are…this will purify your mind, and pure action will naturally become the gift that you share with the world. 
Thank you for the Gift of You! I love you!

Self Worth Issues

Self worth issues are concepts that circulate the mind and belong to no one in particular. 
To try and rid oneself of self worth issues is to identify with them…which actually makes them stick to the mind like glue. 
That’s because self worth issues are concepts, and concepts are validated by the perceived need to heal them. 
Like all concepts, self worth issues have no life of their own. They are given life through attention to them, and not wanting any concept gives it enormous amounts of attention. 
Focus attention on YOU as the immutable presence that you be, and your mind will naturally become disinterested in self worth issues as well as other foolish concepts. 
That you for being prior to the knowledge of worthiness/unworthiness! I love you!!

Self Doubt is a Trick!

Self doubt is a trick! 
No one is capable of doubting who they really are. 
It’s only illusions that can and must be subject to doubt. 
Like all delusional thoughts…
Self doubt is meant to distract attention away from the fact that the self in question never really existed. 
Thank you for being undoubtable! I love you!

Gift of Healing

Everything that can heal the body has already been created in the mind of God, and manifested through nature. Widespread belief that medical drugs can heal disease is only a reflection of humanity’s turning away from God’s mind (which is Love), and leaning to our own fearful understandings.

Because humanity has largely purchased the idea that we are not deserving of God’s love, most of us have deemed ourselves unable to receive God’s Gifts of natural healing.

And so we have made doctors of medicine – who are really like magicians – to prescribe man-made drugs that help make illusions of good health while physical and mental dis-ease multiplies just under the surface.

To turn back toward God’s Mind, just notice what’s going on. No need to punish oneself for taking man-made drugs or force oneself to stop taking them. Just notice…the rest happens spontaneously.

Much appreciation!

Earth Day

I’ve been intuitively aware this whole lifetime that Mother Earth does not need my concern. Now I’m experientially aware that while all material forms, including human bodies are born out of Earth elements….every material form, including Earth herself is only a temporary reflection of the mind.

In this awareness it’s become plainly obvious that to demand clean air, clean water and/or clean food is to project discontent with what is…which causes Earth to reflect more dis-ease back to all of her inhabitants.

I realize that everything is changing according to what’s being received and offered in the mind, and that through my offering of contentment with what is, my natural preference for the best possible air/water/food quality is being offered without desire or resistance.

Because I know this deeply, I can’t help but be content with whatever form of air/water/food I’m presently receiving, while offering only compassion both for those who seek to rape the earth for profit, and for those who protest against them. For I can see that these are two sides of the same thread of misery.

May everyone come out of the sleep induced by self important fear, and realize that there is only Heaven here now.

Female Expectations

My body is female, but I am neither male nor female.

I’m fully aware of this and so I don’t get lost in taking this temporary role as a woman personal.

In this way, I’m never bothered by people’s expectations about how a woman, wife or mother ought to be. I’m just free to live exactly as I am.


Nothing to Lose

I’m aware that I have nothing and so I’m also aware that I have nothing to lose.

In this way my attention is free to remain focused on experiencing things exactly as they are irrespective of any fears that may present themselves.

Imprisonment of Innocence

Many of our prisons are now owned by businesses that are expecting to profit on the shame, guilt, fault and the need to punish which the majority of people on the planet are presently taking as reality.

Who will be next to express society’s belief in false things? Who will pay the price for keeping these illusions alive?

In the name of freedom for all, and knowing what I know to be true, it’s impossible for me to buy ideas that deny innocence to anyone for any reason.

Sure there is ignorance of the truth, but there is no fault in that. Instead of meeting ignorance with more ignorance in the form of guilt, shame or punishment – I allow the clarity of God’s love to dissolve all matters of ignorance as they arise in my perception.

I’ve discovered that the only true healing is God’s love. It will inevitably eliminate the need for prisons altogether. It’s only a matter of time…

Abundant blessings!

Family Relationships

I’ve noticed that the mind tends to underestimate the power of harmonious relationships. It seeks to change the world by corralling others into agreement with its own belief system instead.

Such a caring and innocent attempt to make peace for self and others, but it just doesn’t work that way…

Peace begins with acceptance of self through relationships with others, especially those closest to us. Peace extends outward from our foundational relationships into the living world, without effort.

It’s never the other way around, lest anyone be fooled into thinking they can create peace by reaching beyond the lessons that have been placed directly in front of them.

In appreciation!