Problems with Anger

Anger was a problem for me until I learned how anger could be directed asPhoto Jun 27, 6 12 30 AM inspiration in service to love. When I feel angry, I know it’s a sign that I’ve been following thoughts that have made me into a victim…

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By the belief that we can overcome - challenges, problems, issues and addictions are being made up and experienced.

There's nothing to overcome. Nobody is really strong or weak. Everybody is a puppet of the one dynamic consciousness - doing…

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Clear Communication

What makes communication difficult is the need to achieve an outcome or have expectations met. Clear communication is the effortless expression of understanding that there is no real purpose for communicating aside from sharing Love.


Suppressing natural urges, tendencies and addictions can only yield short term results under duress. But when all things are allowed without the influence of guilt, the whole body/mind is effortlessly motivated into alignment with vibrant Life.

Medicine and Healing

The perceived need for medicine and healing is a denial of what's true, as the "patient" is nothing but an accumulation of thoughts about illness and victimhood.

Freedom from this illusion happens ONLY when the "patient" is recognized for what…

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Money Struggles

If you are struggling to make ends meet, know that you can give up that struggle.

Just practice being aware of what struggle feels like while noticing the thoughts that support it - and everything will come much easier.


I can't make money, and I can't lose money. I relax such concepts of personal significance so that all resources at my disposal may be used to serve the highest good Right Now.

Government and Addiction

Government appears to be necessary to the mind that's addicted to stories of power and abuse.

There's nothing outside the Self. Give up these stories, and government becomes an irrelevant factor which collapses on its own.


Everything is sustained by the Love of God. We only experience Lack to the extent we believe we are sustained by things, people or systems of this world.

Extending the Blessing

It's ordinary to notice what's wrong in our sight and seek to correct it.

It's extraordinary to give up our judgments and allow the source of all creativity to play through our beingness - making gentle corrections along the way.…

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