Spiritual Practice


Affirmations are not meaningful to me. Saying to myself that I am anything at all is to tell a lie...

I am that I am, and I have no desire to add illusions to the false self or to the…

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Self as God

Imagining the individual self to be a god is what happens in the moment the child mind is impressed by fearful circumstances and thereby mistakenly perceives itself to have been abandoned by God.

Due to such misperception, the child in…

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Freedom of Mind

I'm well aware that all matters of suffering are born out of egocentric self-importance.

But this evil force can have no power over my mind because I'm willing to see and experience it as it is...by turning my attention to…

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All of Sinned

10641020_10201647056817143_1666930608948587646_n"For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God". This is not a judgment, and it doesn't mean anyone has done wrong. 

Every child is conceived in God's glory, and birthed into this environment where they are…

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There is no such thing as being stuck. Every being is in the state of constant change.

It's only belief in stuckness that can make anyone seem stuck...And as long as this concept is taken as reality, one cannot help…

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Fear is Dangerous

I don't mind death. Every body that is born will also pass away.

But I will not tolerate being hypnotized by fear because every time I succumb to such hypnosis, misery is multiplied for myself and for my people.


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Creation Happens

For about 5 years I took the idea that “I create my own reality” literally. This was good for me at the time because I had experienced such extreme spiritual abuse as a child that I wanted nothing to do…

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True Meditation

I’ve never seen myself as much of a meditator, especially since sitting around for long periods of time focusing on mantra, image or contemplating spiritual concepts seemed boring and useless to me.

While I noticed that meditation took my mind…

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How to Pray

I don't pray for worldly things or special circumstances. To me that's just plain vanity.

I'm no longer under the impression that I know what in the world is necessary or right for me. So instead of praying for…

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Old Paradigm

What I see is that oldDCIM102GOPRO paradigm ways of thinking aren't going out without a fight. Outmoded thought patterns seem to be searching desperately for something/someone to measure and find fault with.

What to do? Watch these things pass and…

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