Affirmations are not meaningful to me. Saying to myself that I am anything at all is to tell a lie…

I am that I am, and I have no desire to add illusions to the false self or to the dream reality.

Not only that, but to claim that I am one thing is to also activate it’s opposite in the dream. For instance if I were too affirm that “I am safe”, automatically the opposite of safety is also being made part of the mind made reality.

Speaking of safety, how could I ever be unsafe? Who am I that I could lack safety? In fact I am not a body or anything that could ever need to be kept safe.

I accept responsibility for taking care of this body, but only as an instrument for receiving and offering God’s love… I have no special interest in avoiding whatever is meant to become of it.

This body may manifest illnesses, injuries, beatings, deformities or dismemberment…I don’t mind. If these things are necessary to awaken God’s children out of their self created dream of suffering, I welcome them too.

Nothing is rejected in me because I’m aware that all things are equal.

Abundant blessings!

Self as God

Imagining the individual self to be a god is what happens in the moment the child mind is impressed by fearful circumstances and thereby mistakenly perceives itself to have been abandoned by God.

Due to such misperception, the child in turn abandons God by thinking itself to be a god of sorts amongst many other individual gods with conflicting points if view.

It has been revealed to me that every child has been corrupted by the same misperception, and thus has developed mental strategies designed to get love and avoid punishment…and that such strategies are the sole cause of all the misery the world has ever known.

Because of this revelation, I cannot help but surrender all of my self concepts and strategies to the living God.

Through said surrender, my mind’s innocence has been restored, and I have come to know Peace that is not dependent on any circumstance.

This has not been an accomplishment of myself. It is a gift that’s available to everyone who is willing to surrender their self concepts to the one true God – the unfathomable wisdom that moves and breathes both mind and body.

Is anyone else called to accept the gift I’m speaking about? If so, listen to my words with your whole body, and the wisdom that resonates from within will burn away everything that keeps distance between yourself and this Paradise that been created just for you.

In love!

Freedom of Mind

I’m well aware that all matters of suffering are born out of egocentric self-importance.

But this evil force can have no power over my mind because I’m willing to see and experience it as it is…by turning my attention to its effects as they play out within my body structure.

To me, this is true repentance, as I have found this to be the only effective way to ultimate peace and happiness.

In joy!

All of Sinned

10641020_10201647056817143_1666930608948587646_n“For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God”. This is not a judgment, and it doesn’t mean anyone has done wrong. 

Every child is conceived in God’s glory, and birthed into this environment where they are immediately impressed with fear – which is to sin. 

Once fear is impressed upon the child mind, mental patterns are formed to continually create different circumstances that trigger the same fearful reactions throughout the lifetime. Every time there is a reaction to fear, sin is repeated, and ego (energy of fear) becomes more prominent as the child progresses through adolescence, adulthood and old age.

As most humans never come to realize that they live through childhood fear, they are like scared little children in that life circumstances…even seemingly adult circumstances like losing a job, home or relationship…trigger the same fearful emotional responses they experienced as a child.

If the child never repents for their sin, they suffer tremendously through the lifetime and especially in old age as their body deteriorates and passes away. This is because the structure of their physical body is made to house fearful concepts, whereby the mind can be easily and frequently hypnotized by evil spirits (fearful thought entities).

This makes repentance very difficult, especially since most religious organizations and spiritually minded people don’t understand it….

So how can one learn to stand firm in God’s glory and repent for their sin when all they know is to respond with fear to life’s circumstances? Through faith that what I’m saying is true, and willingness to pay attention to the messages coming through their own physical body in the moment they are faced with temptation to sin again.

There is no role for self judgment in true repentance…many times the child mind will fall back into its sinful ways…But every time sin is committed with awareness of Truth, factions of evil forces are being met with compassion and thereby dissolved. However, to keep judging oneself for falling is to perpetuate sin and thereby miss the point of repentance.

As one is released from the bondage of sin, wisdom arises in its place, and the child mind comes to recognize that strategies meant to manage fear are no longer useful, and so such childish things are put away….And the child mind is restored to its natural state of carefree, peaceful and compassionate….which is true maturity.

May every child mature in wisdom and be reborn in the Glory of God. Amen!

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There is no such thing as being stuck. Every being is in the state of constant change.

It’s only belief in stuckness that can make anyone seem stuck…And as long as this concept is taken as reality, one cannot help but deny their purpose in the present moment and make more illusions of being stuck.

The solution is to give up the idea itself by focusing on what feeling the idea of stuckness creates in the body. In this way, habit patterns are burned up and forward motion can be realized.


Fear is Dangerous

I don’t mind death. Every body that is born will also pass away.

But I will not tolerate being hypnotized by fear because every time I succumb to such hypnosis, misery is multiplied for myself and for my people.

What do I mean by not tolerating fear? It means that when fear arises, I turn as much of my attention as possible to my physical structure so that I can experience what’s being sensed by the unconscious mind.

In this way, my energy of attention cannot be used to defile myself and my world by propagating fear… and the root of fear naturally gets burned up through my conscious awareness of its sensation.

In addition, I remain open to whatever is coming because I’m aware that I can respond instead of habitually react even when faced with fearful circumstances. As such, I don’t pray for protection or for good things to be given to me…as to me that’s just fear of being available for whatever experience arises.

For example, when a recent hurricane came to the place where I live, I was aware that my body could pass away, especially when I heard trees cracking and falling and received news that a nearby power plant was “uncontrollably releasing toxic hydrogen sulfide”.

Immediately upon hearing the news, I directed my attention to my physical sensations and breathing while witnessing fear, and my mind came to accept physical death as a possibility. Every time fear arose in me, I approached it in the same way.

I was able to respond to my children’s concerns and to the concerns of friends who were worried about our safety without going into a pattern of fear with them. I considered evacuating, but it was obvious without leaving our home that we wouldn’t make it out because of fallen trees.

I noticed that the winds were blowing strongly in the direction of the power plant, and I trusted that our bodies would be kept safe by the wind if that was meant to be. Moreover, I also trusted that our bodies would fall ill or even die if that was meant to be.

Instead of being scared of death, my child mind was able to enjoy the events as they unfolded…because no matter what happened I was there and it was clear that not even physical death could disturb the peaceful presence that I am.

(Incidentally, nobody in my home had any symptoms of poisoning, our home and gardens are in great shape, and all of us are enjoying vibrant health to date.)


Creation Happens

For about 5 years I took the idea that “I create my own reality” literally. This was good for me at the time because I had experienced such extreme spiritual abuse as a child that I wanted nothing to do with spirituality until I thought it would help me get what I wanted out of life.

Now that I’ve had my own experience of what’s true though, I see that believing in such a fantasy was causing conflict, especially in my interpersonal relationships. It’s not that the idea is totally false, it’s just that the ego turns the idea of people creating their own realities into a game of learning how to get what is personally wanted.

In my experience, whenever something “good” happened I would try to figure out how to recreate it and whenever something “bad” happened I would try to see how I created it so that I wouldn’t have to create it again. But what was really occurring was attachment to a sensation that felt good and resistance to a sensation that felt bad.

Whenever I played this game the ego would gain strength, until even the good sensations were met with anxiety because I wanted them to stay and not turn into bad feelings and lessons again.

But now that I have seen for myself what is true, life is not personal for me. Whether a good or bad sensation arises, I either remain centered or return to center after being briefly taken back into the dream of being a separate self.

In this, I’ve found that there is really no attachment or resistance to people, circumstances or external objects. Attachment and resistance is a mental reaction to “good” and “bad” sensations, and the external world is only a reflection of those reactions.

If I am reactive to sensations, I create misery for myself and the people who are close to me. But when I recognize that life is not even personal and ride every wave of sensation with gratitude, peace and happiness is increased exponentially for me and my relations.

In this way I create my own reality, not in the literal sense as if everything that happens in my perception was somehow designed by my personal self. Because this understanding has permeated my mind, I hope for nothing, I want nothing, I resist nothing, I hate nothing, and I’m exempt from being relieved or disappointed by circumstances.

I simply allow life to happen as it does and I experience every sensation exactly as it is. This is Heaven, but most people will not join me here because attachment to their personal self has them mesmerized in the belief that they are the subject and the world is full of objects that can either make them happy or unhappy.

I understand the burden of carrying around this heavy belief system, and I’m here to help people see their way through it when they’re willing to give their selves up. But in the meantime, there is only compassion for the misery that people who operate under the idea that “I create my own reality” make for themselves.

I am neither affected by them, nor do I have any desire to make them realize true peace and happiness.

With love and appreciation!

True Meditation

I’ve never seen myself as much of a meditator, especially since sitting around for long periods of time focusing on mantra, image or contemplating spiritual concepts seemed boring and useless to me.

While I noticed that meditation took my mind off of whatever it was on during the time I focused my attention on the object of my meditation, any peace I experienced during the meditation period was obliterated just as soon as I became aware of habitual thought patterns once again.

What I didn’t recognize until recently is that meditation has been gradually and consistently permeating my entire way of being. To my recollection, it all started when I was about eight years old…

As the eldest of six in a family that traveled long distances by vehicle, there were often conflicts between my siblings from which I could not physically remove myself. From experience I knew that to try and settle the conflict would just draw me into it, and so I would attend to the sensations within my own physical structure and find rest there. When the conflict settled down, I would once again become engaged with my family without carrying any animosity toward them for disturbing my peace.

By the time I was 32 years old, I had so identified myself with my experiences of traumas, dramas, abuses and conflicts that I had entirely forgotten what got me through those long car rides without accumulating any baggage.

At the time, I was under extreme daily stress associated with running a construction company, dealing with health issues, having a family of my own and regularly resisting thoughts about my painful childhood. Driving around in Los Angeles feeling completely fearful and fatigued, I suddenly noticed that my toes were tensely gripping to soles of my flip flops.

I immediately tuned my attention toward my toes and wondered what my body was trying to do by that action. Within a few moments of attending to them, my toes relaxed and I noticed some relief from the stress.

At that moment I decided to keep checking out my toes whenever possible. The effects of this practical turning of attention were more than I could have ever expected…

Because I experienced such relief from toe relaxation, naturally, my attention would turn to other areas of my body gradually, more and more over time – until I eventually began noticing subtle sensations at the soles of my feet and then the top of my head.

The more aware I became of the sensations in my body, the more life was working out for me. Such that the particulars of life were transpiring in ways that made me aware of possibilities that I never thought possible for me.

For example, the idea that I needed a diet and exercise program or else I would be totally unhealthy and fat; that stress was necessary to make the money I needed to live a happy life; that I had to control other people’s behavior; that I had to hate the people who abused me as a child; and that I was stuck living in a metropolitan area were all losing their power over my consciousness.

Gradually I began to recognize that I could eat whatever I wanted and exercise for pleasure while my body continued to improve in both health and physical appearance; that stress does not lead to happiness – even if money seems to come out of it; that I could experience complete peace notwithstanding anyone’s behavior; and that I could live anywhere I liked in the entire world.

I used the example of diet and exercise first because this is what I used to distract myself the most. I would almost constantly think about, research and plan my meals, my next workout, my medical protocol and feel alternately proud and ashamed of myself depending on how well I was following whatever regimen I had put myself on at the time.

Over the past 10 years life has taken amazing turns for me, including moving to my most favorite place in the entire world; having barely any thought about what I will eat and what physical activity I will engage in and zero doctor visits while enjoying radiant health; more harmonious relationships with everyone in my life; compassion for myself and for those who have abused me; and the dissolution of stresses and worries for the most part.

In the last few weeks I attended a 10-day silent Vipassana meditation retreat. I made the decision to attend only a few weeks before that, without knowing much about the technique that would be taught. I was drawn by the silent time and looked forward to experiencing and exploring the inner realms.

To my surprise and delight, on the 4th day I learned that Vipassana has everything to do with awareness of the sensations within the body structure, and it was not about imagining or focusing the mind on any thought, image or sound. As soon as I was given the technique, my whole body rejoiced as I suddenly recognized that not only was I already used to practicing true meditation but that this technique was taking me way deeper into that practice.

Over the 10 day period, I sat for over 100 hours in the truest form of meditation, and now I am so consciously aware of the subtle sensations in my body that when any habitual thought occupies my mind I can immediately recognize and experience it’s corresponding feeling, and in that recognition the habit dissolves.

I went through a very strong purification process during those 10 days which I will likely write more about soon. But for now, I’ll just say that it felt as if my entire body was passing through a fire, and all the while I smiled at the pain and tears as they arose and passed away.

May all beings experience this peace that passes all understanding.

Much love!

How to Pray

I don’t pray for worldly things or special circumstances. To me that’s just plain vanity.

I’m no longer under the impression that I know what in the world is necessary or right for me. So instead of praying for anything in particular, the prayer I offer is reverent attention to whatever arises through the particulars of life.

For instance, when I perceive illness in my body I don’t pray for better health. Instead, I use the power of reverent attention to fully experience physical dis-ease and whatever else is coming up in the moment.

I experience illness only until I can imagine (image-in) vibrant health, then vibrant health becomes my experience…even before this body shows evidence of healing.

Likewise, when I perceive conflict in a relatio
nship between myself and another person, I don’t pray for them or me to be different. I reverently experience this form of dis-ease until I can imagine loving connection between us.

Praying in this way has become natural for me because my mind is aware that recognizing ignorance as such is what’s needed to give up mental images that deny vibrant health and healthy relationships….not praying for a different experience.

Yes, I have felt anxiety about needing things to be different so that I could get back to work, chores, or just being happy again. But I have discovered that there is nothing more productive than praying in this way.

Indeed, praying in the true way has made me so sensitive to the habitual mental tendency to regard ignorance as truth that I cannot participate in the insanity anymore.

No matter what happens, my point of view remains within awareness of truth, and so through the life I live, the mind is being restored to its original state of vibrance, innocence and peace.

Abundant Blessings!

Old Paradigm

What I see is that oldDCIM102GOPRO paradigm ways of thinking aren’t going out without a fight. Outmoded thought patterns seem to be searching desperately for something/someone to measure and find fault with.

What to do? Watch these things pass and enjoy the blessings that come out of knowing what’s really true.