Emotional Escapism

The knee-jerk reaction to uncomfortable emotion is to try and escape it.

Whether that escape takes the form of drugging, overeating, calling on Angels to change what's being felt, or making somebody wrong...it's all the same energy of emotional escapism.…

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No one in particular incarnates. Only consciousness/God incarnates as people, places and things. 
What witnesses incarnations is all that is. When it's recognized thus, joys and sorrows are seen as having equal value.

Mistake is Impossible

Mistakes are judgments about action, behavior or performance...all of which are the sole responsibility of the creative principal...which does not make mistakes. 
Nevertheless, the confused mind collects evidence in the illusion that good results come from identifying mistakes and then…

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People Don’t Make Mistakes

Belief that people can make mistakes results in action that wants for results and denies loving kindness.

Going Through Emotions

I don't go through emotions. Emotions move through me, but I remain unaffected.  

Personal Problems

What people say and do is not a problem. It's only when it's taken personally that there's a problem.


People with an intention are a target for other people with opposing intentions. Compassion has no intention. Give it up and rest in Compassion.

Tigmonk’s Satsang

What is Satsang?

(from Wikipedia)
, Satsangam, Satsang (Sanskrit सत्सङ्ग sat = true, sanga = company) in Indian philosophy means (1) the company of the "highest truth," (2) the company of a guru, or (3) company with an…

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Seeing resistance itself or circumstances that trigger resistant feeling as too much, not enough, or otherwise wrong is an unconscious effort to maintain what's already known.

Passionate Love

The idea that passion between people should continue for any longer than it does creates the illusion that something has gone wrong - and thus makes us suffer.

Whether one partner in the passionate exchange dies, the partnership collapses, or…

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