Visions and Fears

As our evolution becomes less hindered by habitual thought, we receive visions of ourselves and our world in a higher form.

As these visions occur its just natural for programmed thought to come in with all the ‘reasons’ that our visions would be difficult or impossible to manifest, or about ‘how’ we’re going to make them manifest.

As we feel into these fears with conscious breath, our visions become more powerful. This is not the same as trying to use more thought to convince ourselves that our fears are invalid.

Fear is valid and its diffused by our going through it experientially, not by thinking our way around it.

As our fears are diffused, we can Trust the grand design of the Universe, which renders us free to step Joyfully and consistently in the direction of our visions with full expectation that our visions will come true – but without attachment to any of the details.


Busyness and ideas that we are behind in our work, chores, exercise routines etc. are mind made concepts designed to enforce the illusion of a time based reality.

Such is a protective mechanism impressed upon us since infancy -when we believed the mental judgment that the present moment was too painful to bear.

By trying to ‘catch up’ we unconsciously enforce such judgment – which leads us deeper into the delusion of living in time, and a hurried way of being.

We are invited HereNow to just stop doing for one minute, become aware of our breathing in the present moment, and ask who it is that thinks we need to get somewhere else.

The more we take this kind of ‘breather’ whenever we feel like we are behind schedule or otherwise hurried, we accumulate awareness of Timeless Life, which leads to living in freedom despite all perceived limitations.

Forgiveness and Compassion

Forgiveness is the key to compassionate communication. Forgiveness happens when we fully realize that what we perceived to be hurtful behavior was an innocent attempt to get Love.

This does not mean we purposely subject ourselves to hurtful behavior or consciously engage in hurtful behavior.

When we perceive hurtful behavior (whether in the moment or as a reverberation from a past memory) , we create space for ourselves – not drama. If need be, we let other people know we require some time alone – we don’t make anyone out to be wrong.

We breathe consciously while feeling into and embracing the energetic resonance that creates our perception of hurtful behavior, and allow that resonance to change and subside on its own.

We hold space for ourselves in this way for as long and as often as necessary. We know forgiveness has occurred when we are no longer holding the person (self or other) in condemnation about the behavior, we no longer feel remorseful or victimized by it, and we can appreciate the awakening opportunity that has been presented.

From this perspective, we can see clearly whether communication and/or conscious physical movement into alignment with our present truth is necessary – and we can proceed effortlessly in the energy of Compassion.

Peaceful You Are

The need to stop anyone’s behavior or wait for their behavior to change is based on the false idea that Peace can be created through control and suppression.

Notice where you try to manipulate a Peaceful experience by getting people or things to change, or by believing thoughts that you will be more Peaceful in the future when people or things are different.

That’s it – just notice. Because you are Peace – this noticing exposes the silliness of the endeavor to make Peace or wait for Peace – and this insane tendency resolves on its own.

Pollution Solution

Why is there toxic fumes in the air and pollution in the water? Because that’s what’s presently necessary to expose humanity’s belief in separation.

The beauty in these manifestations is the uncomfortable feelings being triggered by them. Said feelings are living proof that the pollution/toxicity is a Gift meant to help humanity manifest the Heaven on Earth that is our birthright.

The more we move toward trying to stop the pollution/toxicity, the more we are Given to try and clean up. But, as it’s recognized that the triggered feeling is the root cause of the perceived problem – those feelings can be embraced – and real changes can happen.

Unnecessary Habits

Certain people, belief systems, rituals, foods, places, psychedelic substances, etc. may serve an important purpose in expanding your awareness of Truth.

But they can also become a hinderance to that expansion if you believe you Need them beyond the point where the benefit has been received.

Notice when you are mentally or physically running to something or someone to make you feel better. And remember that the purpose of discomfort is not to make you run toward comfort – it’s an opportunity to feel deeply into the discomfort so that it may be transmuted into energy for more authentic expression.

In this remembrance, unnecessary habits will fall on their own. There’s nothing else to do or undo. You are Perfect.


It’s only negative or positive if you deem it so. You’re the One with the power to conceive the meaning of everything in your experience.

Irrespective of the emotion it triggers – By recognizing it as the blessing that it IS, you allow more Light into your world.

This Light does not resist dark shadows – but it uses them as opportunities for its own expansion.

Allow your perception to go beyond duality of negative/positive to Live on Purpose and Consciously evolve This World according to your Vision.


All physical dis-ease has an emotional causation.

Curative treatments can succeed in covering up symptoms of unresolved emotion, but the real cure is allowed to be made manifest through Willingness to take responsibility for, and embrace, the fragments of mind made self that have been unconsciously condemned, rejected, and repressed.


From feeling lack of fulfillment and unhappiness, one projects that others are on the wrong path. AND the one projecting these feelings is perfectly whole, as said projections are part of their path to fulfillment and happiness.