Channeled Message: Appreciation

Living in appreciation for the breath of Life is enough. This alone inspires the ‘others’ in your world to allow the feeling of appreciation too; and when appreciation is the dominant frequency in the balance of Earth-focused awareness – humanity will be found in ‘Heaven’.

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  1. Martin
    July 9, 2011

    No amount of words not even cleverly arranged by the ego mind can satisfy the Self.
    Yet words inspired by the Self will open a “knowing” and “recognizing” of truth which go beyond words.
    They instil an awareness of growing understanding, which no amount of words can express/explain
    Your words are as such very much appreciated.
    Love and Light

    1. Hope Johnson
      July 10, 2011

      Aloha Martin!

      Sharing with you is a pleasure. Mahalos for sharing your insightful and inspirational words with me.

      Love, Light and Abundant Blessings.



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