Channeled Message: Purification

Illness, injury, accident and mishap are opportunities for emotional/physical/spiritual purification. Go through them with remembrance of ‘who you are’ so that you may receive the lesson gracefully and allow healing to occur on all levels.


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  1. Steve
    July 3, 2011

    I couldn’t agree more, Hope. As it was given to me, “Purification is a process of darkness being removed so light can enter again; then adjustments being made to the reawakening of light.”

    By following/surrendering to this process and always remembering “who you are,” as you had mentioned, the outcome will always be positive when understood properly. Allow the experience to bring the proper understanding, and as you had also mentioned, allow healing to occur on all levels. Also, just as importantly as how you go through the illness, injury, accident or mishap, is the understanding of why it occured in the first place.


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