Channeled Message: You are Not the Doer

Channeled Message: You are Not the Doer

You are not the doer, but the witness to the doing. Action is the compulsive response to all movement of thought that precedes it, and through your perception, you direct the movement of thought.

2 Responses to Channeled Message: You are Not the Doer

  • Brad Norwood says:

    Clarifying, I would think that I, the 10 trillion celled human body, which has been dying and replenishing itself since birth on a cellular level, IS NOT the Doer, but the perceiver or witness to the action of thoughts, which emanate from neural activity in that brain of cells.

  • Hope Johnson says:

    Lovely Brad! Even thought is a subtle doing, to which awareness is a witness. It’s only the direction of present moment thought that’s determined by the meaning given to that which is being perceived.

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