Condemnation is Self Inflicted Suffering

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EveryOne who condemns is ‘right’ to do so, even though condemnation cannot lead in the direction of anything they want. Thoughts of condemnation are perfectly attuned with all thought that has gone before, and therefore it cannot be a mistake.

Ego is the thinking process that continually constructs the self image of all thought projected by awareness from a personal perspective. When one feels the perceived ‘need’ to condemn it’s an indication that self-judgment is being denied by the ego in order to maintain the illusion of separation.

The cumulation of denied judgment is known as the ‘shadow self’. In executing its program to keep the shadow self hidden from awareness, the ego employs mental calculations, labels and judgments to create the appearance as if something is, was or will be ‘wrong’. Every time the perceiver takes the appearance of ‘wrongness’ to be true, the shadow self is fed fearful thought-energy, thus creating the illusion that there is more and more ‘wrong’ in one’s life and in their world.

While condemning is very tempting because it creates a sense of self importance, it is also the cause of much personal suffering. Specifically, when one is expressing from a thought/feeling pattern of condemnation, their mental energy is projecting for a condemned world in need of a ‘righteous’ savior. This imaginary savior can be anyone from the perceiver’s own self image to the self images of political leaders or spiritual figures like Jesus Christ.

This form of mental energy validates the false sense of separation – the underlying cause of all suffering.  Even if suffering is not what’s consciously intended by condemnation, when individualized awareness enters a condemning state of mind, mental energy is being focused with feeling upon what has been rejected; and whatever one’s awareness is focused upon is being created for their experience.

Also, the more one follows thought into the feeling of condemnation, the more energy is supplied to cultivate their shadow self, which will eventually overpower their own “good” intentions.

After all, condemnation is really an expression of one’s own rejected tendencies and desires; and to the degree that anything is rejected, thoughts of condemnation arise as a reminder of what the perceiver has judged to be ‘wrong’. But what the perceiver rejects always threatens to take form in their world, and every time the perceiver believes their own condemnation to be the truth, their creative power is given to make what they have rejected more apparent in their world – thus creating a cycle of pain wherein the perceiver plays both the victim and the victimizer.

These patterns of pain can be diffused by anyone who is willing to take responsibility for that which disturbs them. In this way, one allows their awareness to be guided inward to observe of the self-judgment that is the true cause of their perceived ‘need’ to condemn anything.

By letting go of mental attachment to what’s ‘happening’ in perception and by focusing instead on the nature of creative energy being projected from one’s individualized awareness, they allow their energy to be transformed in a manner that heals perception.  Because the individual perceiver is intricately connected (such that there is no separation) from the One that is All, the perception of mass consciousness is also being affected through one’s practice of being aware of how their own thoughts and feelings create their perception of Life.

Condemnation is self inflicted suffering that can be healed through courage, acceptance and Love for All. By staying alert to the direction of one’s personal energy of awareness with willingness to see what creates the perception of disharmony, one allows upliftment of their energy, thus transforming the tendency to condemn into healing energy for their self and for the world.

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